Canada Is ‘Work in Progress,’ Trudeau Tells UN: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Canada is ‘work in progress,’ Justin Trudeau tells UN General Assembly

“Describing Canada as a “work in progress,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the UN Thursday about the country’s failures and mistakes in its historical relationship with Indigenous people and his hope to right the wrongs of the past.

“There are, today, children living on reserves in Canada who cannot safely drink, or bathe in, or even play in the water that comes out of their taps,” Trudeau said in a speech to the UN General Assembly.

He said Indigenous families putting their kids to bed at night are beset by worry that their children will run away before morning or commit suicide in the night.

“And for far too many Indigenous women, life in Canada includes threats of violence so frequent and severe that Amnesty International has called it ‘a human rights crisis,'” Trudeau said.”

– CBC News

2. Facebook to turn over Russian-linked ads to Congress

“Under growing public pressure to reveal more about the spread of covert Russian propaganda on its site, Facebook said on Thursday that it was turning over more than 3,000 Russia-linked ads to Congressional committees investigating the Kremlin’s influence operation during the 2016 presidential election.

“I care deeply about the democratic process and protecting its integrity,” Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, said during an appearance on Facebook Live, the company’s video service. He added that he did not want anyone “to use our tools to undermine democracy. That’s not what we stand for,” he said.”

New York Times

+1: Instagram uses ‘I will rape you’ post as Facebook ad in latest algorithm mishap – The Guardian

3. Andrew Scheer calls McKenna to personally apologize for MP’s ‘climate Barbie’ tweet

“The tweet, condemned as sexist by politicians of all stripes, appeared inspired by the far-right website The Rebel, which used the “climate Barbie” term in dozens of stories since McKenna became environment minister in 2015.

“McKenna, who is in New York for Climate Week NYC, said she is fed up with having to respond to sexist insults that take away from the work she is doing.

“A spokeswoman for McKenna says the minister accepted the apology and told Scheer she hopes to see “a shift in behaviour and attitudes in politics.””

The Globe and Mail

4. Nestlé makes billions bottling water it pays nearly nothing for

“The company’s operation in Michigan reveals how it’s dominated the industry by going into economically depressed areas with lax water laws.”


5. The Media Has A Probability Problem

From Nate Silver: “The media’s demand for certainty — and its lack of statistical rigor — is a bad match for our complex world.”