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Justin Trudeau

Daily 5

Trudeau Says Quebec Shouldn't Tell Women What to Wear: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: Vikings razed the forests. Can Iceland regrow them?


The 3 Best Political Podcasts Right Now

Because something's got to get you through the Trump presidency.

How Pipelines Became the Unlikely Lynchpin of Modern Canadian Politics

Cutting through the B.S. of the pipeline debate.

Daily 5

Canada Is 'Work in Progress,' Trudeau Tells UN: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: Facebook is turning over its Russian-linked ads to Congress.

Daily 5

Justin Trudeau: Canada Won't Do Business With Boeing While It's 'Trying to Sue Us' – Here's What We're Reading

Plus: A bunch of doctors got together in support of tax reform plan.

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Daily 5

As Harvey's Waters Rise, So Do Panic Levels: Here's What We're Reading

Metrolinx pressured to approve GO station in minister’s riding