Family Matters: Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Is Here to Save You From Boredom, Again

The process of picking out a new car is often muddied by practical concerns: cargo space, backup cameras, heated seats, and so on. It’s a slippery slope. Sacrifice a bit of power for fuel economy, then some handling for third-row seats, and before you know it you’re driving a minivan.

Thankfully, the Italians are here to save you from that fate.

Alfa Romeo made its new Giulia Quadrifoglio just barely practical enough that you can justify it to yourself and your significant other. It’s got four doors, five seats, a decent trunk, and backup cameras — but you don’t have to give up all the joy to have it. The Quadrifoglio has red paint, a shiny exhaust, big wheels, and a great big fire-breathing engine. It’s a sports car dressed up like a sensible family sedan. Think Bruce Wayne, not Batman.

It’s an open secret that the engine under the Quadrifoglio’s hood is a Ferrari V8 with two cylinders chopped off. Its twin-turbo 2.9-litre V6 produces more power than is — strictly speaking — practical in a four-door family sedan.

Of course, this wolf in sheep’s clothing act is nothing new for Alfa Romeo. They’ve been doing it for over 50 years, since the very first Giulia. Here’s how the new Quadrifoglio stacks up against its predecessor.


Alfa Romeo Giula