Trump Lays Out New ‘America First’ National Security Plan: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Trump announces new ‘America First’ national security strategy

“The congressionally mandated National Security Strategy presents China and Russia as competitors that want to realign global power in their interests, potentially threatening the United States.

“‘Whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a new era of competition,’ Trump said.

“Trump used the rollout to reiterate his commitment to an ‘America First’ doctrine and a focus on fighting terrorism and protecting U.S. borders.”

Washington Post

2.Marijuana use down among minors, up among older Canadians

“More older Canadians, including senior citizens, are using marijuana as fewer minors consume the substance, according to a new study released Monday by Statistics Canada.

“The report shows that nearly five million Canadians used pot in 2015, a growing trend that also marks a demographic shift away from what was once “youth-driven” market in the 1960s and 1970s.”

CBC News

3. Image of cooperation between White House and Mueller  starts to fracture

“In recent weeks, as the investigation has reached deeper into Mr. Trump’s inner circle, that image of cooperation has begun to fracture. Mr. Trump’s lawyers and supporters have significantly increased their attacks on Mr. Mueller, especially as the F.B.I. has handed them fresh ammunition to claim that the agents investigating the president may be biased.

“The latest salvos came over the weekend, when a top Republican senator said Mr. Mueller should examine his team’s political leanings, and a lawyer for Mr. Trump sent a letter to lawmakers saying that the special counsel had improperly gotten emails from the presidential transition team.”

New York Times

4. Family and friends rule out murder-suicide for Toronto billionaires

“Barry Sherman, 75, and his wife, Honey, 70, were found dead in their North York home just before noon on Friday. The bodies were discovered by the couple’s real estate agent, who had been helping to sell the multimillion-dollar home. The agent entered the house after not being able to contact the couple.

“The bodies were located together by the Shermans’ indoor pool, a police source told the Star.

“The police statement Sunday did not indicate Toronto police were investigating a homicide or homicides, only that the homicide unit had taken over investigation of the deaths.”

Toronto Star

5. British cops want to use AI to spot porn—but it keeps mistaking desert pics for nudes

“London’s Metropolitan Police believes that its artificial intelligence software will be up to the task of detecting images of child abuse in the next “two to three years.” But, in its current state, the system can’t tell the difference between a photo of a desert and a photo of a naked body.

“The police force already leans on AI to help flag incriminating content on seized electronic devices, using custom image recognition software to scan for pictures of drugs, guns, and money. But when it comes to nudity, it’s unreliable.”