This Levi’s x Air Jordan Collaboration Is So Hot the Police Had to Get Involved

The closest I ever thought these brands would come to doing a collab was being paired with each other in an outfit, but Jordan Brand have teamed up with Levi’s denim to bring the public something they never knew they wanted: jean-sneakers and a warm-up trucker jacket.

As to be expected, the brands put it quite a bit more elegantly on their mission statement, which can be found on the placard inside the shoebox of the re-imagined Jordan IVs.


Looking at the images, the sneaker is pretty much exactly what you’d think Levi’s would do to a Jordan IV if they got their hands on one. If you’re a really big fan of both brands and you just haven’t found the perfect way to express your desire to marry them together, this is the shoe for you.


Other than that, I think it’ll be the sneakerheads and resellers who are going to be the largest purchasing demographics for these kicks. (Well, them and weirdly proud Canucks — this collab will take the Canadian tux to unprecedented heights.)


To be fair, the reversible trucker jacket does look pretty cool in these product images, especially when turned inside out exposing the black crinkle taffeta Jordan warm-up suit with the red Jumpman logo on the back.


The drop hit select stores in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Vegas, and Toronto yesterday. In Canada, the jacket ($198) and shoes ($300) will be available at Levi’s Yorkdale, Livestock Toronto, while Capsule Toronto will be carrying the shoes only.

Of course, chances are these bad boys have already sold like hotcakes, and your best bet for copping either one might be paying a premium price via a reseller online. Although, with the drop in Levi’s’ SoHo store in New York getting shut down early by police, there’s a possibility there might be some stock leftover for purchase there at a later date. Stay tuned and stay safe — don’t get involved in a bust-up like this one: