Adrianne Ho Is the New Face of Adidas Originals Who You Probably Already Follow on Instagram

Adidas has just launched its brand new “Original Is Never Finished” campaign and Canadian model Adrianne Ho plays a starring role. Adrianne, who is making her Adidas debut after signing on with the sportswear giant, told us everything (well, almost) about herself, from her professional life to her favourite places to her favourite pizza.

Having had the chance to sit down with Adrianne while she was back in her home town of Toronto, it was easy to see why Adidas shelled out the cash to get her on board. Sporting a full Adidas tracksuit, a pair of Adidas Campuses, and cheekbones that the brand couldn’t have designed any better themselves, it was Adrianne’s charming, laid-back personality that came off the most stylish.

While most of her 700,000+ Instagram followers know her on a (double tappable) surface level, take a minute to get to (somewhat) know the real Adrianne. Think of it like speed dating.


On Adidas

What was your reaction when Adidas reached out to you to do this campaign?

I was really excited, because I’ve always liked Adidas. I’ve always liked the product, I’ve always liked the creative things they’ve put out, so when they reached out and told me about it I knew I was in good company. I was just really, really excited. They said I was doing the Adidas Originals film; I’d seen the ones prior and the creative was really great, and they had a really great cast, so I was just really excited to be a part of it.

The concept behind the film is “Original Is Never Finished.” What does that mean to you personally?

The concept of being really original is being yourself — truly being who you are — because we all are all original. And “Original Is Never Finished” is like, we’re always evolving, we’re always changing everyday through our experiences and everything that we go through, so if you’re really original then you’re always evolving, you’re always changing, you’re never really finished, you’re never really stagnant in one place, you’re always moving forward.

How does that connect with you on a personal level?

For me, what I’ve realized is that life just keeps going. Everything can move so fast, and especially these days, everything’s really fast, so you have a choice whether you’re going to be left behind or not move forward in a positive way, or move forward in a positive way because you’re always going to be changing. It’s motivating to me to try to improve and always be better and work harder and evolve in a positive direction.

Since you’ve partnered with Adidas, how has that changed what you wear and how you wear things?

It’s great because now I have so much access to Adidas products, so I can switch up and try a little bit of everything that they make which is really cool. I’ve been working a lot with them in China as well so I’ve been travelling a lot, which is great too. It’s a natural fit for me because I love sportswear and that’s what they do.

On Travel

I feel like you’re always travelling. How much time do you spend on planes?

I am always travelling! Not every week, but almost every month, I go international. Like last year I took nine trips to China, so that was almost once a month.

How long is that flight?

Twelve hours direct. L.A. to Shanghai is 12 hours. So it’s crazy because I can be like, “I just sat on a plane for 24 hours,” and that doesn’t even include domestic flights I might take, so it’s a lot of travelling.

You must be getting pretty good at it.

I’m pretty good now. The first time I went there it was such a shock with the jet lag and that stuff, but now I feel like I jump right into the time zone pretty fast.

Do you have any secret tips?

Drink lots of water. I sometimes wear a mask when I travel, like a surgical mask, because I feel like it blocks out a lot of the germs that fly around the airplane, and it keeps the air a little moist so I just have my mask on for the long flights. And then I have my Vitamin Cs and stuff that I drink every few hours. Sleeping is the best thing! I try to take night flights and sleep for eight hours, wake up, watch a few movies, and then I’m there.


I feel like everyone has these homemade remedies for beating jet lag. Do you?

Take the night flight if you can, sleep on the airplane, stay up when you get there, and if it’s morning, just try to stay awake as long as you can. Melatonin is great, and when you’re flying just eat really light. Don’t eat too heavy on the flight.

When you land in Shanghai and you have to stay up, what are your favourite things to do there?

I get a massage. I almost always get a massage when I land, more towards the end of the day. I’ll usually walk around. There are some really cool areas of Shanghai like the French Concession so I’ll walk around there, try to get some air, meet up with some friends, just try to have a relaxing day, and then get a massage and go to sleep. I’m usually adapted to the time zone as soon as I do that!

On East Coast vs. West Coast

You actually are from Toronto. Which area did you grow up in?

Yes! I was born in North York, and then I lived in Thornhill, and then I moved to Vancouver for a few years in high school, and then moved back to North York again, and then I was downtown up until the point where I moved to New York.

Where downtown in Toronto did you live?

I lived in the Annex just before I left, and I also lived near St. Lawrence Market as well.

What are your favourite things to do when you come back to visit?

As soon as I get in I love to walk around Queen West just to see what’s up or if anything’s changed, and I have friends and family here, so I usually meet up with them. If the weather’s nice I’ll go to Trinity Bellwoods, get a juice, hang out in the sun. Toronto’s such a nice walking city, and I live in L.A. now, where I don’t really get a chance to walk around as much, so whenever I’m back here I like to walk around the city and see what’s up.

If you were going to do a night out for your birthday in Toronto, where would you go?

I’d probably just go to a really nice dinner somewhere. I really like Terroni, so I’d probably just go to Terroni. I feel like it’s kind of a Toronto staple, so I’d probably just go there for dinner. Either Queen West or Adelaide.

I think there’s Terroni now in L.A. as well.

Yeah, it’s better in Toronto.


Where were you during our -35 degree weather?

When was that?

 Obviously you were not here then.

[Laughs.] This month I’ve been in L.A., so I missed it.

How do you find East Coast and West Coast lifestyles compare?

Both are good. They’re very different. East Coast, like Toronto and New York are more like a city lifestyle, so you can walk around and there’s a lot of things you can hit in one day. And with L.A., everything’s more spread out, so it’s good to just stay home and focus on yourself.

You also lived on the West Coast during your childhood in Vancouver. How would you compare Vancouver to L.A?

They’re both very laid-back, and both focus on the outdoors and nature. Vancouver is beautiful; it has the ocean and the mountains and everything, so those are some similarities. But they’re both pretty different too.

On Pizza

What’s your favourite pizza spot in Toronto?

Sud Forno. I just had pizza there yesterday. It’s not really a pizza spot, but they have really great pizzas and the bombolones are really good too.

How do you compare that to an authentic New York slice?

Different, because the pizza at Sud Forno, or even a lot of the spots in Toronto, feel more European, whereas I feel like the pizza slices in New York are more of an American style. Just a grab and go kind of thing.


 Yeah, we kind of have that whole Neapolitan crust thing going on.

Yeah I think so. So they’re pizzas but they’re two very different pizzas.

What’s your ideal Adidas outfit to wear if you’re going into a New York slice shop?

Probably a track suit!

And what about your feet?

The Campuses.