Sharp: The Book For Men Spring/Summer 2018 Launch Event

Harsh winds, torrential downpour, Game 7 — absolutely nothing could prevent Toronto’s most stylish VIPs from coming out to fête the launch of Sharp: The Book For Men Spring/Summer 2018 on Wednesday night. Over 600 of the city’s foremost influencers powered through the bitter climes and playoff nerves to descend upon REBEL Entertainment Complex for our semi-annual invite-only blowout, which stayed turned up to 11 well past your bedtime.

Understanding the importance of an impactful arrival, Genesis provided shuttles via their G90 and G80 automobiles — and, for the more daring in attendance, pedal-to-the-medal thrill rides via its G70 and G80 sport models — bringing guests straight to the event’s entrance. Inside the venue, the automaker’s G80 sport and G70 were on full display, allowing us to get a feel for the elegant vehicles.

As if channeling the impossibly cool charisma of our first-ever Book For Men cover star, the inimitable Don Cheadle, the sizeable crowd stayed abuzz with ebullient, unflappable energy all night long. Potent cocktails courtesy of Belvedere Vodka, Hennessy, and Glenmorangie may have also helped. There’s a high likelihood refreshing brews from Ace Hill Beer as well played a role. Thankfully, Fiji Water came through to remind guests to keep hydrated, while 10tation Event Catering helped line their stomachs with a delectable array on mini entrées.

To ensure VIPs remained their freshest, Prada was on hand offering spritzes of their bold Luna Rossa Carbon fragrance, while Barber & Co. (and, for the ladies, Electric Hairdressing London in the S/ lounge) provided mane touch-ups. Lest anyone neglect their kicks, Walter Shoe Shine were on site to keep everyone’s footwear game on point.

Sure, at some point in the evening the Leafs blew their postseason hopes. Fortunately, just about everyone at this bash was having too good a time to give a damn.

Photography: Josh Fee