The World’s First Freeform 3D-Printed House Makes the Jetsons Look Amish

The wave of the future has hit us hard, and surfing those waters is WATG’s freeform Curve Appeal 3D-Printed House. The first of its kind, this 1000 square-foot residence is built for a king — in the year 3018.

Designed to be connected with nature, it features large windows, maximized natural light, and solar carving, making it net-zero-energy. In other words, this abode is as green as they come.

Curve House 2

Don’t think it can get any more out there? Take a peek inside. Inspired by Case Study Houses of the 1950s, the curved house has a minimalist, modernist aesthetic, with an open concept and glazed floors connected by natural materials. That countertop takes modern to the next level.  

Curve House 3

The project won first prize in the Freeform Home Design Challenge in 2016, and is now under construction. The challenge: rethink the aesthetics, ergonomics, construction, building systems, and structure of a traditional single-family home. Challenge nailed.

Curve House 4

You may be wondering: is this entire house 3D printed? It is not. In fact, only the curving frame and braces are to be 3D freeform printed, mostly likely from a fire-resistant gypsum — a lightweight building material ideal for open-space structures. In other words, there are fewer braces aerodynamically placed to allow for more space on the inside using a minimal amount of materials.

Curve House 5

The Curve Appeal house is set to be built by late 2018, in a beautiful woodsy lot steps away from the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. 3D printing’s come a long way from this