What to Listen to When You’re Finally Ready to Move on from Your Favourite College Album

Clinical trials prove that once you quit listening to new music, your body begins to die. Like, not physically, but spiritually. To grow, you must embrace the discomfort of the unfamiliar. Resist that tired gym mix, and immerse yourself in new sounds. Spotify’s RapCaviar playlist, for example, anoints what’s next in hip hop. Start there. More into guitars and your subscription fees go to Apple Music? Give that service’s Untitled playlist a whirl.

Or try these:

The Internet, Hive Mind


Freak funk and psychedelic soul that’ll make even vacuuming feel cool.

Dilly Dally, Heaven


Loud and catchy with a voice that breaks up like sheet lightning.

SOPHIE, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides


Pop music pushed past its bright, bubbly, bouncy limits becomes a new kind of heavy.