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How to do everything better.

What Are the Rules for Ripped Jeans?

Just out for a rip are ya bud?

When Is It Okay to Ghost Someone?


How Do I Insult Someone More Effectively?

Face it: You know you want to know.

What's the Best Way to Elevate Small Talk to Medium Talk?

Be present, listen, and do not shoot anything down.

What's the Best Way to Save for Retirement?

Millennials are the generation least likely to be saving for retirement. Don't be like them.

Remind Me: How Does a Bill Become a Law in Canada?

Not that you don't already know. This is just a refresher!

How Do I Maximize the Effectiveness of My Tinder Profile?

No, the answer isn't buying a tiger.

Are Bitters Just Hipster Bullshit?

Those moustachioed mixologist dudes sure seem to love them.

Are Quickies Ever Satisfying for the Lady?

Do you have a minute?

How Much Coffee Would It Take to Kill You?

Caffeine is a hell of a drug.

6 Essential Tips for Growing a Proper Beard

It's all about commitment.

We Asked a Vocal Coach How to Suck Less at Karaoke

First rule: No ‘Stairway.’

Here's a Basic Guide to Orienteering For All You City Slickers

Read this before you pull a Reese Witherspoon-in-‘Wild’ situation.

If You've Never Tried These 4 Condiments, Your Pantry Isn't Complete

There's more to life than Sriracha.

How to Serve an Exceptional Breakfast in Bed

Presentation is everything.

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