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The Manual

How to do everything better.

When Is It Appropriate to Go Sockless?

There is an art to exposing your mankles.

How Often Should I Actually Go for a Physical?

Let's get physical.

How Is MMA Different From Boxing and Muay Thai?

For one thing, there are different shorts.

Why Can Athletes Come Back From Injuries That Wreck the Rest of Us?

Ka-why, though?

What Are Three Ciders That Aren’t Too Sweet?

Drier, less syrupy, less gross.

What’s the One Automotive Event I Shouldn’t Miss?

In the words of Bieber, it's a no brainer.

How Do I Make My Pants More Interesting?

Fancy pants.

Here's What to Know Before Driving on the Autobahn

It's autobahn-anas.

How Do I Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

Go the f**k to sleep.

What Difference Does My Jacket’s Button Stance Make?

The hardest button to button.

A Definitive Ranking of the World's Top Racetracks

These are the tracks to drive on before you die.

What Does a Tire Flip Actually Do for You, Muscle-Wise?

Hey, it's more fun than the treadmill.

What Do Some of These Words on Craft Brewery Menus Actually Mean?

How to talk like a bona fide beer snob.

What’s the Best Way to Score Cool Accommodations for a Weekend Getaway?

Because your plans matter.

Now That Weed’s Legit, How Should I Refer to It in Adult Conversation?

Hippie lettuce? Cheeba? Giggle smoke?

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