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What to Listen to When You're Finally Ready to Move on from Your Favourite College Album

You can't listen to 'Hot Fuss' forever.

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On 'Everything Now,' Arcade Fire Lament the Information Age — Isn't It Ironic?

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Canadian Force's Second-In-Command Was Just Relieved of his Duties: Here's What We're Reading

Plus: How Kevin O'Leary went from flirting with the Conservative leadership to actually organizing for it.


How Outrage Culture Makes the Internet, and the World, Go Round

Saturday September 13th, by complete happenstance Justin Trudeau, the closest thing Canada has to a political celebrity, thanks in equal parts to his parentage and his handsomeness, came upon a wedding group photo at the Hilton Hotel in Markham, Ontario. Famous politician that he is, he was asked by the photographer and by the bridal party if he wouldn’t mind posing with them for a few shots. In one picture, he is kissing the bride on the cheek.