A Chat with Ex-NHL Bruiser Scott Hartnell on the Importance of Sleep

During his NHL career, Scott Hartnell’s fondness for falling down sort of became his legacy, inspiring the phrase “Hartnell Down.” After 1,348 NHL regular-season and playoff games — as well as nearly 90 fights and over 32 hours of penalty box time — it seems the stat most fans care most about is how many times the left-winger ate it on the ice. Turns out “Hartnell Down” could also apply to his fondness for sleep; the ex-Nashville Predator is one of 44 professional athletes and Olympians who sleep on an Endy mattress. Since hanging up the skates last year, Harntell’s become something of a spokesman for the Canadian bedding-in-a-box company, extolling the virtues of a good night’s rest. Maybe dude fell on the ice so often because he was daydreaming of lying down on his immaculate memory foam at home!

We caught up with Hartnell for a quick chat about z’s and post-hockey life.

Do you think young athletes need to take their sleeping habits more seriously?

Absolutely! In the last five years or so, there has been a lot more information on how a good night sleep can affect performance positively and a bad night sleep will affect a players performance negatively on the ice, so it’s very important for young athletes to get a good night sleep.

As a hockey player, you’ve traveled to many towns and slept in many hotels. Do you have any horror stories of terrible hotel experiences, restless nights, or nightly routines gone wrong on the road?

There is nothing worse than a terrible bed in a hotel room, especially when you have been traveling on the road all day and arrive at the hotel at two in the morning. There were many nights when I would try to get comfy and would end up rolling around and looking at a clock and its 4 am; before you know it. you missed out on a solid couple hours of sleep! All I would wish for was to be back home in my comfy bed.

How has your sleep changed since sleeping on the Endy mattress?

There has been way less rolling around and I’ve had a more consistent sleep night in and night out! It really is an awesome mattress.

How’s post-NHL life been treating you? Any desire getting into coaching one day, or have a role in an organization? 

Retirement has been nothing short of perfect! I am loving every minute of being home with my family. I love the game of hockey and would love one day to be a part of an organization again. I am in no rush to do that, though!