The Best Place to Eat Seafood? Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

It’s not quite the lost city of Atlantis, but it’s as close to underwater civilization as we’ve come yet. Designed by architecture firm Snøhetta, Under is Europe’s first restaurant fully submerged below ocean level. Installed along the rugged coastline of Lindesnes at Norway’s southernmost tip, a partially sunken 34-metre concrete barge structure leads diners down into the depths of the North Sea.

While its Scandinavian setting is typically known for wild winds and crashing waves, the dining room remains a calm oasis, clad in warm oak and lit with an ethereal green glow.

The main attraction: a three-foot-thick acrylic window that boasts the kind of deep-sea view usually enjoyed only from a submarine. Meanwhile, Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard takes command of the menu, which focuses, appropriately, on rare seafood.