The Case for Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer at Your Beer League

Coors & Sharp

Beer and sports. Name a more iconic duo. (We’ll wait.) Still, it’s a duo that’s become harder and harder to enjoy, what with arenas and parks across the country cracking down on cracking open a post-game cold one in the locker room and dugout. (It is, technically, illegal to consume alcohol anywhere that’s not private property or licensed.) So, what’s a poor old beer leaguer to do?

A proposition: try drinking non-alcoholic beer instead. Hey, just hear us out. We’re aware of the bad rap non-alcoholic beer has had in the past — that it’s too watery or too sweet or just godawful — but lately, the stuff has undergone something of a renaissance. With an increasing number of people looking for booze-free alternatives, today’s major beer companies have begun approaching the creation of non- and low-alcohol offerings as an art form. Take Coors Edge — it’s a double-brewed, North American-style golden lager with less than 0.5% alcohol that hits the spot like a classic Coors should, but sans the alcohol. And if the great taste isn’t convincing enough, consider the many liberating ways to enjoy booze-less libations at the game. You don’t need to have alcohol at every occasion and sometimes, you just want to enjoy the great, refreshing taste of a beer.


Looking to tailgate party before the game but still want to be able to stand come showtime? All good! You can enjoy Coors Edge as you want and still keep your wits about you. Bonus: you can continue tailgating after the game and not regret it the morning after!


Is coach giving you an earful in the locker room? Nothing’s stopping you from swigging back an ice cold Coors Edge right in his face, mid-lecture. Petty, yes, but also legal and delicious.


What better way to reward yourself between sets while preparing for your upcoming game than by downing a guilt-free near beer? Not only is it a hell of a motivator, a single can of Coors Edge contains 45 calories — compared to other popular non-alcoholic beers with 150 calories — so it won’t set you back from your goals on or off the field.


Picture this: you step up to the batter’s box, visualize the pitch, hit it right on the sweet spot for a home run and, for the requisite celly, you crack open a can of Coors Edge, right on the field, Stone Cold style. Why? Because why not?


We are big proponents of the shower beer — and given the popularity of the subreddit devoted solely to the practice, we are not alone. Research from University of California and other sources show that sipping suds in the shower releases feel-good chemicals in the brain, and can improve productivity and creativity. The key, of course, is moderation — and it doesn’t get any more moderate than alcohol-free.


Sure, you can drink alcoholic beer at home, but maybe you’ve got an early morning, or you simply can’t drink, or won’t drink, for whatever reason. The beauty of Coors Edge is it tastes like the real deal, and you’ve got the option of ordering it straight to your door via Amazon — ideal if you’re too banged up to venture to the store, or too engrossed in the playoffs to move. Welcome to the 21st century.