How to Get in Gear for Cycling Season

Here’s how to prepare for cycle season, featuring new rides, cutting-edge gear, and everything else that has us excited to hit the pavement this spring.

1. Try a new type of ride

Titanium-Frame Bikes

Stoemper Vincent

Carbon fibre and aluminum frames may have captured our attention in recent years, but there’s officially a new material on the block: titanium. Once considered too expensive for the mass market, titanium still runs steep, but makes up for it by being lighter than steel, and stronger than aluminum. In other words, it’s your smartest investment. On this ride, take your choice of disc or caliper brakes, and Di2 or standard cable routing.


Cargo Bikes

Bullitt by Larry vs Harry

Recently launched in Canada, the Denmark-designed Bullitt is the best bet for experienced cyclists looking to shuttle their kids around without sacrificing manoeuvrability. Fitted with hydraulic disc brakes and angled for smooth handling, it accelerates quickly, tackles tight corners in stride, and protects your passenger with an aluminum roll-bar canopy.


E-Bikes (Yes, Really)

VanMoof S2

Avid cyclists who take pride in their toned quads might sneer at the rise of electric bikes, but the reality is they let us tackle our morning commute without sweating through our work attire. VanMoof’s S2 ups the ante by also looking damn cool, thanks to a sleek frame fitted with 166 LEDs. Bonus: it includes a built-in lock and theft alarm that interface with your phone.

$3,400 USD,

2. Change up your gear

The thing about bike essentials: it’s worth having the very best version of them. You use them every day — so yes, you will definitely appreciate the difference between that solid standby and the absolute latest technological advances. Allow us to make a case for upgrading to the 2019 editions of four must-haves.

Floor Pump:

Blackburn Chamber Tubeless

Tubeless tires — which incorporate liquid sealant to prevent pinch flats — often require an engineering degree to inflate. This simplifies that.



Garmin Varia UT 800 Urban

A rugged, super-high-intensity (we’re talking 800 lumens) illumination source that doesn’t skimp on style — or battery life (1.5 hours at its brightest setting).



Bontrager Specter WaveCel

The chief innovation here is Wave-Cel technology, a cushioning helmet lining that flexes, crumples, and glides to absorb and redirect the force of an impact.



Lezyne Mega C

This unit pairs with your phone to share call, text, and message app notifications alongside turn-by-turn GPS directions — all on a high-resolution 2.2-inch colour screen.


3. Embrace modern biker style

Many buzzy bike brands now command the same following as cult streetwear companies. And while spandex gilets might be their real specialties, they also produce some fresh weekend fits. Here are four labels that will earn you nods of respect from in-the-know cycle-heads when you’re standing in line for that Sunday morning donut.

Team Dream

Founded in an old Volkswagen van and now headquartered out of South Pasadena, this brand comes by its groovy vibes — case in point: this tie-dyed t-shirt — honestly.

$30 USD,

Café du Cycliste

While their cycling tops are ready for the elements, we especially dig this brand’s lightweight cotton cycling caps, with patterns made up of flowers native to their Cote d’Azur home base.

$35 USD,


Following up on the success of its clothing, the e-retailer recently introduced its first pair of bike shoes, which feature a full-length carbon footplate.


Pas Normal Studios

It may have a partly French name, but its aesthetic is functional Copenhagen minimalism. Expect technicalfabrics and comfy-meets-crisp standbys, like this fresh logo crewneck.