The Most Cathartic Memes About Kawhi Leonard Leaving the Raptors

It’s been two days and it still stings. Kawhi Leonard is not returning to the Toronto Raptors. Yeeouch. It hurts just to type it. After gifting Canada the Larry O’Brien trophy, and the greatest season of basketball this country’s ever seen, Leonard has decided to take his talents to the Los Angeles Clippers — and, in the biggest free agency heist in recent memory, he’s bringing Paul George with him. Dude got us the chip, then dipped. Feels bad, man.

But, hey, don’t be too down. We still got a championship out of his run as a Raptor. Don’t cry because it’s over — smile because it happened. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. And other such platitudes! Think of Kawhi as a quirky, beautiful girl (preferably with bangs) who dated you for a year only to break your heart, but who nonetheless taught you to embrace life and its infinite mysteries.

To help ease the pain, we’ve trawled the interwebs to find the most emotional, purgative memes about Kawhi peacing out. The first step in getting over a breakup is allowing yourself to cry. So go ahead, everyone. Throw on some Adele, ingest this content, and give yourself permission to feel.

How come he don’t want us?


You stay, I go.

Welp, that was fast.

Kawhi is inevitable.

Poor Drake.

Board Man got parade.

Kawhi me a river.

Sacrificial lamb.

Thnks fr th Mmrs.

Okay, this isn’t a meme. But it’s worth watching anyhow. The Raptors had an epic, historic championship season, and no one can take that away from us. Like Kawhi said himself: “Enjoy this moment and have fun with it.”