Kawhi Leonard Just Thanked Toronto for an “Amazing Season,” Giving Us the Closure We All Needed

Well, shit. It’s been a few weeks since Kawhi Leonard went all 500 Days of Summer on Toronto, shattering our hearts after giving the Raptors the most thrilling season in franchise history, and we’ve been all but sure we were getting ghosted. The Klaw is, after all, the quietest and most mechanical superstar in the NBA, and the thought of him sending us any form of farewell statement, let alone a pithy breakup text, seemed way too out of character. Closure, we thought, was something we’d never get. Only crickets.

But we thought wrong. Today, at his introductory press conference with the L.A. Clippers, Leonard, before saying anything else, took the time to thank the Raptors organization and the city of Toronto for “an amazing season.” Board Man didn’t stop there — he also thanked the city for delivering his child, for all the free food, and for “the best parade ever.” He even threw in a couple of his signature chuckles. Um, excuse me, there’s just…something in my eye.

Hear it for yourself below, and make sure you have some tissues handy. You know, ’cause allergy season and all.