Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 Is Everything You Could Possibly Need in a Tablet

Samsung & Sharp

They say you should never rely on your partner to be your “everything.” Well thankfully, relationship advice doesn’t apply to tablets — you can be as codependent on them as you damn well want to be. The best tablets out there are ones capable of acting as your everything and more — from your primary productivity tool to a portable cinema to your own personal film studio. They’re ones you can rely on for work and play alike. Ones, particularly, like Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S6. Boasting a beefy new processor and a jaw-slackening 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, the do-it-all device will satisfy the neediest of users. Just how can it serve thee? Let us count the ways.

Screen With Envy

Perhaps the biggest — and most obvious — of the Galaxy Tab S6’s draws is its gorgeous display. The nearly bezel-less Super AMOLED display boasts 10.5-inches of WQXGA screen with a 2560 x 1600 resolution. What that means, in English, is it’s mesmerizing to look at: colours are wildly vibrant, contrasting with deep, inky blacks. That makes it an excellent screen for streaming movies and shows, and with enough resolution that you need not hold it right up to your face. Four powerful built-in speakers make for an even more immersive Netflix-and-chill experience.

Desktop, To Go

If you’ve got to buckle down and do some work, Samsung’s DeX mode has got your back. Plus, get yourself a slick keyboard case that has a dedicated key for access to DeX mode, which allows you to run PC-like versions of mobile apps (including all of Microsoft’s Office apps), with the ability to see multiple windows at a time, right on the tablet. Think of it as a PC-esque experience; ideal for extensive writing or photo editing. Highly conducive to crushing a workday.

A Mightier Pen

On the back of the tablet is a little groove where the S Pen lives. A magnet keeps it in place, while a wireless charging panel recharges its battery. The stylus’ flat oval shape makes it feel quite balanced in the hand, allowing for ultimate precision and minimal cramping. It’s ideal for doodling and serious sketching alike. Plus, the new S Pen Air actions allow you to intuitively control your tablet using hand gestures, making it handy for presentations and video playback. Pause a clip or manage your slideshow using intuitive gestures like moving the S Pen down to skip to the next slide. The ultimate boardroom flex.

Dream Factory

In a first for Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S6 comes packing a dual camera with rear-facing 13MP and 5MP cameras. There now an ultra-wide-angle lens with a 123-degree field of view, which gives you many creative options for shooting both photos and video. An integrated smart AI, meanwhile, augments the tone of your footage to make sure it looks pro. The tablet’s excellent display makes it a perfect editing surface for videos, and the built-in Adobe Premiere Rush for Samsung makes it a cinch to craft studio-level clips.

Juice, Baby

The power unit on this thing is simply a force. The 7040mAh battery lasts a good 15 hours of video between charges. That means you can watch Avengers: Endgame four times in a row and still have juice leftover to browse through copious dank memes. What more do you need! You don’t have to worry about the Galaxy Tab S6 falling asleep on you — you’ve got its full and undivided attention.