Modern and Masculine Design Inspiration for Refreshing Your Home, Room by Room

When it comes to kicking off your next home reno, skip the hours of Pinterest board consultation. If you actually want to get your project off the ground, take the time to see products and materials in person. You know, as in, actually sit in that sofa that you’ve been eyeing, or run your hands along that quartz countertop, or investigate how a lighting fixture looks when it’s dimmed. Plus, meeting with industry pros gives you a chance to discuss things like budget and lead times — important steps on the way from translating a project from dream to reality.

Granted, making time to size up all the options at your finger tips in–person can be a bit of a commitment. Thankfully, Toronto’s upcoming Interior Design Show (taking place January 16–19) makes it easy to find inspiration for every corner of your home — and meet the people who can actually make those projects happen — all in one afternoon. Here are seven modern and masculine standouts that we’re excited to check out.

The Kitchen

Your counter is the stage for all of your cooking, so it’s best to choose a suitably sophisticated surface. Caesarstone’s Empira White is made of a quartz material that has subtle veining like marble, but much easier maintenance. Making its debut at IDS Toronto this year is Dreamland, a special installation designed by Jonathan Adler featuring rounded clouds and neo-classical columns that demonstrate Caesarstone’s incredible versatility.

The Bathroom

Don’t start your morning routine with a cluttered sink. Fleurco’s matte black Veritas Mod towel bar — which includes dedicated holders for your bar soap and toothbrush, as well as a dispenser for hand lotion — gives everything an orderly place to live.

The Living Room

Didn’t make it through all three and a half hours of The Irishman? Maybe your sofa is to blame. Montauk Sofa’s modular, eiderdown feather-filled Jill is the kind of ultra-plush offering that you’ll never want to get back up from. It doesn’t hurt that it looks as handsome as young DeNiro, either.

While we love an open-concept home, it can still be nice to have some sense of separation between different zones. Enter Dekko’s lightweight concrete fireplace cladding, which can function as an elegant room divider — and prove that brutalism can still be cozy.

The Dining Room

Millesime‘s custom wine racks are a polished way to showcase your collection of rare vintages — and to add a sense of ceremony to bottle retrieval. Opt for multiple shelf configurations to display bottles both upright and on their sides for added visual interest.

Ever notice that almost every cool restaurant invests in some form of statement chandelier? That’s because when it comes to building mood, lighting does a lot of heavy lifting. Follow suit and pick up Hollis and Morris’s Willow, which arranges a series of frosted glass globes in a spiral around a branch in your choice of walnut or oak.

The Bedroom

Having a bedroom you’re excited to retire to is the first step to improving your slumber. Designer/maker Jason Burhop’s Montreal studio Kastella collection fits right into any mid-century modern enthusiast’s home with its solid-wood headboard bed and matching nightstand and bench. Choose from walnut, maple, cherry, or white oak finishes.

The Toronto Interior Design Show runs from January 16–19. Tickets start at $19.