Boat Shopping Is Our New Preferred Form of Winter Escapism

Sure, the lake at your cottage might be frozen right now. But that’s exactly what makes looking at sleek watercraft intended for the sunny days ahead so satisfying.

Inspired by the clean waters of Muskoka, Beau Lake is Canada’s premier luxury watersports brand. Its all-new electric runabout pays homage to classic Italian sportscraft, and would look as much at home on Lake Como as it would on Lake Rosseau.

A mahogany deck and hand-carved mahogany tiller offset the 14-foot fibreglass hull, while power comes from an electric motor — which remains silent.

All the better for sitting back and enjoying the refreshments you’ve stashed in the on-board cooler. See you on the lake…in a couple of months, that is.

From $35,000 USD at