The New Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 Is Built for Adventure

Ahead of the Geneva Auto Show on March 5, Mercedes unveiled its latest performance SUV, the 2021 GLA 45 AMG. The all-new second generation GLA 45 comes with the most powerful series-produced four-cylinder turbo engine to date, making it much more dynamic and practical than its predecessor.

It’s also more powerful, delivering 382 horsepower in base trim. Plus, the newly developed M139 2.0-litre engine from Mercedes-AMG is the world’s most powerful turbocharged four-cylinder manufactured for series production.

But the biggest upgrade from its 2014 predecessor is the active, fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. The AMG Torque Control offers selective power distribution to the wheels on the rear axle, enabling better traction control no matter the road conditions. The new four-cylinder turbo engine has an immediate response and goes from from zero to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and can reach top speeds of 250 km/h. Compared to the first-generation, which was first released in 2014, all suspension components have been updated to provide a smoother driving experience even at high speeds.

Speaking of high speeds, the car comes with a Data Logger, should you be inclined to take it to the track. All in all, the G45 puts the “performance” in “performance SUV”.

The 2021 GLA 45 AMG will be available in late 2020, with pricing to be announced before the release date.