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The 2021 Ghost Proves Rolls-Royce Is Still the GOAT

By: Matt Bubbers|September 10, 2020
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The car’s new front fascia is less fussy, and dominated by the brand’s iconic Pantheon grille, which is illuminated from above and below, so as to emit a soft glow at night. Behind it, the outer body of the car is hand-welded so it becomes one seamless, expansive, flowing shape.

Rolls-Royce says its clients wanted an extremely calm, quiet car, but the engineers did their job too well: After removing and polishing the AC ducting, the cabin was so quiet, it was disorienting while on the road. So, each component of the car was tuned to give to the same resonant frequency, in order to create a “whisper,” a soft undertone that sounds like one single note as the Ghost rolls along the road.

The doors also open and close automatically now, which should make getting in and out rather dramatic too.

Only the Spirit of Ecstasy and the umbrellas were carried over from the previous Ghost, which was the best-selling car in the company’s 116-year history. They could’ve just given it a fresh coat of paint and extra gold bits and called it a day, but this company doesn’t rest on its laurels or do anything the easy way. And that’s why Rolls-Royce is still the GOAT.

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