7 Reasons Why The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Will Become Your New Personal Sanctuary


What if being in the driver’s seat could make you feel better, more at ease and more relaxed? The world is a noisy and distracting place, but your vehicle need not be. This is the ethos behind Lincoln interiors: sanctuary in a storm, calm amid the chaos and a deep breath of fresh air.

Lincoln’s unique philosophy bucks the trend toward angry, aggressive and overstated vehicles, and instead offers drivers a serene experience. This is the story you’ll hear from the brand’s top designers, but it’s also obvious when you look closely at the vehicles they create. For evidence, see the new 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, a midsize SUV featuring effortless performance and intuitive, elevated technology. The cabin is all-new, and it’s spectacular.

The view from the driver’s seat is like looking out over the horizon at sunset. No, really. As Robert Gelardi, chief interior designer for The Lincoln Motor Company explained, the dashboard was inspired by that very scene. You can see it in the clean horizontal lines that stretch across the full width of the cabin, giving it an expansive, open feeling. The different layers of the dashboard are like striations of light in the evening sky, Gelardi explained. And, even if you don’t consciously notice it, this is one reason you might just feel a sense of calm sweep over you as you set off for a drive.

Here are 7 more reasons the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus will become your new personal sanctuary:

Conversational voice recognition

With SYNC®4, you can talk to the Nautilus like you would to a person, thanks to the new conversational voice recognition system. Say, “Find me the best Italian restaurant” and it will offer some suggestions, even showing you Yelp reviews. The system was designed to be intuitive, and feel as familiar as using your smartphone. And, similar to your phone, secure over-the-air updates mean SYNC®4 always brings the latest technologies and improvements, seamlessly staying up to date.

Phone As A Key

For anyone who ever forgot to grab the car keys while heading out, this is for you. The new Phone As A Key feature is available across the Lincoln lineup, starting in 2021. It means you can unlock and start the Nautilus using only your smartphone, through the Lincoln Way app – no need to remember to grab the key fob.


The next-gen SYNC®4 infotainment system is meant to make every journey more effortless, and it’s making its Lincoln debut in the new Nautilus. Inside the cabin you’ll find a crisp 13.2 inch widescreen display with a unique visual theme called Constellation. It’s inspired by the night sky, with shades of deep blue and pops of orange, complimenting the rest of the cabin’s colour palette.

Revel Ultima Audio

“Quiet Flight” defines Lincoln; it’s key to the brand’s DNA. For the driver, it means tranquility and sanctuary. However, Quiet Flight doesn’t mean the Nautilus has to be like a library. You can listen to music as loud as you like and just as the artist intended thanks to the whisper-quiet cabin and available Revel Ultima premium audio system. As many as 19 speakers deliver a rich sound tuned specifically for the cabin of the Nautilus.

Door-to-door service

Lincoln understands that your time is precious, which is why it offers Pickup and Delivery, an effortless way to service your vehicle. Schedule a time and place for the Lincoln Service Valets to pick up your Nautilus with a couple of taps on the Lincoln Way™ app and a call to your dealership. The Valet will drop off another Lincoln for you when they pick up yours. Later, once the service is complete, your vehicle will be returned fully washed and ready to go. There’s no better luxury than time.

Ultra Comfort Seats

The Nautilus is made right here in Canada, with premium materials like rich wood trim and contrast-stitched two-tone leather. Surrounded by such luxuries, you may not ever notice the seats or give them a second thought, but Lincoln has. The available Ultra Comfort Seats are made up of 11 independent air cushions, seven of which offer massage, designed to decrease muscle fatigue on long journeys. So, no matter where you go in the new 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, you’ll arrive perfectly relaxed.

Calm membership

The irony of using a phone app to disconnect from your phone to relax and find sanctuary is not lost on anybody, but Calm works. It’s the world’s leading sleep, meditation and relaxation app, offering daily 10 minute meditations, relaxing music and masterclasses. Thousands of Lincoln owners have already signed up using the one-year complimentary Calm membership available to them.

The 2021 Nautilus is priced from $56,000 and will arrive in dealerships early next year.