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In the kinetic city streets, every second counts. Because of that, urban innovators form a symbiotic relationship with technology — a bond that fosters a seamless union of progression and efficiency. Against this vibrant backdrop, the new Range Rover Evoque emerges as more than just a vehicle. It’s a digital cockpit, melding urban cool with high-tech advancements.

At the heart of this revolution is the Pivi Pro2 infotainment system. Nestled within an elegant 11.4-inch curved glass touchscreen, it sits centrally on the console. This steadfast companion meets both work demands and leisure activities with agility. It rivals the most advanced smartphones in responsiveness. Constantly visible sidebars offer multi-functional sliding controls. These enhance user convenience and vehicle control, offering swift access to climate, seating and audio volume settings.

As your ride begins, a Pre-Drive panel materializes. It offers swift access to vital comforts like heated seats or window demisters. Once in motion, the panel transitions to unveil a customizable three-panel home screen. This adapts to urban needs with Pivi Pro intelligence and flexibility. Developed through rigorous digital and physical testing, this system ensures nearly 80 percent of tasks are just two taps away. It epitomizes the symbiotic interaction between technology and humanity on every journey.

But the 2024 Range Rover Evoque goes beyond vehicle-centric connectivity. It bridges gaps with seamless smartphone integration. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are onboard. Your digital universe travels with you, as your device settles in the new stowage area, receiving a swift wireless charge to fuel your active day. The vehicle also offers WiFi with a data plan, integrating online apps like Spotify and Deezer directly into the infotainment system. Remain entertained and connected at all times.

Beyond the touchscreen, the Evoque introduces connectivity features that enhance urban driving. Communicate your needs verbally to the built-in Amazon Alexa in the Pivi Pro. A simple “Alexa” utterance or touchscreen tap activates this feature, offering a futuristic touch that minimizes distractions and elevates your journey.

The Range Rover Evoque doesn’t solely focus on entertainment. It takes safety a step further with a comprehensive suite of camera technologies. Features like 3D Surround View and ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror are available. These provide an augmented view of your surroundings, fostering a secure and reassuring driving experience in the bustling urban environment.

The Range Rover Evoque stands as a mobile innovation hub. It aligns with the aspirations and expectations of the tech-savvy urbanite.

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