Gucci and Xbox’s New Limited-Edition Bundle Might Turn You Into a Gamer

There ain’t no party like a Gucci party! (That’s the saying, right?) Well, in honour of Gucci’s hundredth anniversary, the fashion house is teaming up with Xbox — the gaming company who happens to be celebrating their 20th year — for a first-ever, limited-edition collaboration, and that’s a cause for celebration.

After the luxury fashion house previously entered the gaming space in the form of collaborations with Mattel Creations, Animal Crossing, and a few other big names, Gucci was intrigued and inspired to partner with Xbox, a company bringing the connection of gaming to more than three billion players worldwide.

Gucci x Xbox collab controller

As Gucci, under creative director Alessandro Michele’s vision, was on a quest to combine times and lexicons, the profoundness of the house’s design language and the polished functionality of the gaming brand made for the perfect limited-edition collab.

And when we’re talking limited-edition, we really mean limited — as there will only be 100 numbered sets up for grabs as part of this global collaboration. Each set comes with a custom Xbox Series X console with a laser-engraved GG-pattern and two Xbox wireless controllers in carbon black featuring Gucci’s Web stripe in red and blue. Everything will be packaged in a hard case inspired by Gucci’s signature luggage which is covered in the famous beige Gucci Supreme canvas with gold catches and finished with a yellow leather trim.

“XBOX” is written in the brand’s signature green colour — which Xbox users will immediately recognize — on the lid, on top of a red and blue Web stripe. The same signature green hue is found in the interior, which houses the console and controllers.

Gucci x Xbox collab interior

On the bottom of the case, you’ll find the words “GOOD GAME” — another reason this pairing was a match made in heaven. The motto, used frequently during gaming, has “GG” as its initials which is a famous motif in Gucci’s decorative vocabulary, and comes from the name “Guccio Gucci” — the founder of the fashion house.

Gucci x Xbox collab "good game"

Additionally, a yellow leather key holder and luggage tag is attached to the handle and features both the Gucci and Xbox logo. This exclusive console and eye-catching case form an eclectic, collectible set so for any gaming junkies out there, those who simply like collecting things, or anyone looking to buy an extra special holiday gift, you’ll want to get your hands on this… fast.

The exclusive bundle will be available on November 17th on the Gucci website as well as in select Gucci stores in New York, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Beijing, and Tokyo, as well as ephemeral Gucci Circolo locations in London, Berlin, and Milan.

Canadian gamers can beg the salesperson at their nearest Gucci store all they want but will only be able to purchase the bundle online — or fly out to the store in the closest participating city — we won’t judge. We think it’s worth it, too.