Mercedes-Benz’s EQ Brand Has Big Plans — They Start Now

Recently, at a celebratory soiree for Mercedes-Benz’s EQ electric brand, the German carmaker’s big boss, CEO Ola Källenius, stood — much like the Pope — on a balcony above his company’s newest creations and proclaimed that the firm is accelerating its electric shift from an EV-first to an EV-only strategy. By 2025, Mercedes will offer at least one all-electric alternative for every car model the brand makes. That’s a lot of EVs, and those are bold words from the boss of one of the world’s largest luxury automakers.

On display beneath Källenius was a smorgasbord of high-end machinery that put form to his ambition. Whichever type of car you’re into, it seems the EQ brand will soon have you covered. Starting late this year, it will roll out a range of electric vehicles in every flavour. Here is just some of what you can expect to see from Mercedes-EQ in the coming years, and our best guess on a timeline.


Mercedes-Benz EQS: The flagship

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We got an early drive in the EQS and can confidently answer the burning question on drivers’ minds: yes, this thing hauls buns on the Autobahn. At 200 km/h it’s as smooth as the business-class cabin of a 787 Dreamliner at 35,000 feet. (Who needs an S-Class?) Driving range should be impressive, too, with the company estimating a range of up to 770 km on the admittedly generous WLTP standard.

The real standout of the EQS, though, is its amazing driver interface. The augmented-reality (AR) head-up display is the first mind-blowing piece of tech we’ve experienced in a car in a long, long time. It’s fighter-jet stuff. On the windshield, you see a green line projected under the car in front to let you know the EQS is tracking it. Directions from the nav are projected as huge moving arrows hovering above the road. A door-to-door Hyperscreen touch-display covers the entire dashboard, but the AR display is so good you won’t have much use for the Hyperscreen while on the move. The EQS is a next-gen car that actually feels next-gen, which bodes well for the rest of the EQ lineup that will follow it.


Mercedes-Benz EQB: Family-hauler

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How the small army of white-lab-coat-wearing engineers at Mercedes-EQ managed to fit seven seats and a large battery pack into the tiny little EQB is a mystery. Not since the singularity that birthed the universe has something so small been so dense. Drivers can expect this to be the most affordable electric Benz, but it still has all-wheel drive, 288 hp, and a (WLTP) range of around 419 km.

Mercedes-Benz EQE: Mid-size modern

Mercedes-Benz EQ and You feature

It’ll be a smaller, more affordable EQS and the electric alternative to Merc’s legendary E-Class sedan. But the EQE will, in fact, have more cabin space, since it doesn’t need to make room for a big V8 engine. The EQE 350 4Matic will have around 660 km of WLTP range and DC fast charging; 15 minutes will get you up to 250 km of range.

Mercedes-AMG EQS: Affalterbach’s EV

The power-mad people at AMG’s headquarters in Affalterbach have been making German muscle cars since the 1960s; you didn’t think they’d hang up the overalls just because cars are going electric, did you? This will be the first of many AMG EQ-models, and it should be a missile. Two motors will deliver a neck-straining 750 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque in Race Start mode.

Mercedes-Benz EQS and EQE SUVs: The big guys

We don’t know when they’ll arrive — could be 2022, 2023, or later — but the company is on-record confirming there will be full-size and mid-size electric SUVs in the EQ lineup.

2023 and beyond

Mercedes-Maybach EQS: Extreme indulgence

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Again, what you see here is officially just a concept, but Maybach knows a money-is-no-object luxury SUV has the potential to be a hit in the American and Chinese markets.

Mercedes-Benz EQG: An electric G is still a G

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It’s just a concept, but a Mercedes exec confirmed it’s coming “in a few years.” The company didn’t mess with the timeless design of the G-Class when converting it into an electric off-roader. They simply stuffed it with batteries and four electric motors, one at each wheel. Perfection.

Where do I charge? Mercedes-EQ has a plan for Canadians

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Using public EV charging stations can involve juggling a bunch of different apps, accounts, and cards. But by the end of 2021, EQ customers can take advantage of new Plug & Charge technology. It’s an emerging industry-wide standard that lets drivers simply pull up to a charger, plug in, and that’s it. Billing happens seamlessly in the background. (It’s a Tesla Supercharger−like experience but for all cars and all charger networks.) Mercedes has also partnered with Canadian service providers who can sell and install at-home EV chargers to make the potentially daunting task of switching to an EV as smooth as, well, driving an EV.