Jack Black’s Turbo Range Is the Perfect Companion for an Active Summer

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Summertime is all about getting active: hiking, cycling, running, golfing, or whatever else gets you working up a sweat. But staying fresh this summer isn’t just a matter of taking well-timed showers following a hard workout, it’s also about treating your body right. Fortunately, the skincare gurus at Jack Black have developed just the thing. Balancing both energizing and soothing properties, Jack Black’s Turbo Daily Regimen is a straightforward range of skincare products that will not only have you feeling energized before heading out to the tennis courts or golf course but will relax your tired and overworked muscles afterwards too.

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A staple of the no-fuss skincare line is the Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser, which conveniently can be used to clean from head to toe. Made for more than just cleaning, though, it cleverly packs in ingredients that wake you up and ensure you’re feeling spry for whatever the day ahead holds. Its invigorating scent awakens the senses and aids breathing and decongestion, ensuring your airways are open before getting active and breathing hard.

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Of course, staying moisturized after a long day sweating under the sun is an important part of the equation too. Jack Black’s Turbo Body Lotion — the latest addition to the Turbo Daily Regimen — is crafted with certified organic ingredients and designed to be used all over the body after a shower or whenever your skin is feeling dry. Scented with rosemary extract and eucalyptus, this unique gel-to-lotion body moisturizer is lightweight, smooth-applying, and fast-absorbing (making it the perfect choice for getting to the links before your tee time). While its fresh scent stimulates the senses, extracts like arnica and juniper berry soothe tired muscles — which is exactly what you’ll need after a long day shooting hoops or swinging a racket.

Without a doubt, Jack Black’s Turbo Daily regimen is the perfect assist for a sporty summer.

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Rounding out Jack Black’s Turbo Daily Regimen is the Turbo Body Spray, an energizing fragrance made up of (you guessed it) eucalyptus, spearmint, and rosemary. Best used following a shower or as an easy daily fragrance, it’s bound to keep you smelling — and feeling — fresh all day long.

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