A Gift From the Gods: Angel’s Envy Port Cask Finished Kentucky Bourbon

SHARP & Angel’s Envy Bourbon

There is no better accompaniment to a long winter’s night than a smooth glass of premium bourbon. Be it spent beside a crackling fireplace, or in the company of friends at a rousing holiday party, bourbon is our go-to decadent liquor of choice. If you’re looking for a sumptuous bottle to add to your whiskey bar, or a seasonal gift for a spirited friend, look no further than Angel’s Envy Port Cask Finished Kentucky Bourbon.

A quick 101 for all those who have yet to declare themselves whiskey geeks; bourbon is an all-American spirit made from over 51% corn an aged for a minimum of three years in charred new American Oak. What makes this expression so special is a primary aging period between four to six years, plus an additional six month finish in ruby port casks sourced from Portugal’s famed Douro region. This extra exposure to fortified wine soaked French Oak not only works to contribute to the gorgeous copper colour of Angel’s Envy, but adds a distinct added layer of fruitiness to this complex and resplendent liquid.

Based in the heart of bourbon country, Angel’s Envy hails from Louisville and began as a family dream. Lincoln Henderson was an industry icon and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient who worked with his son, Wes, to bring the label to life before his passing in 2013. Now Wes is joined by his son, Kyle, and together they have worked tirelessly to put their family whiskey on the map. Known for their experimentation with different cask finishes such as rum, iced cider and Japanese Mizunara oak, the Angel’s Envy Port Cask Finish is considered the flagship of the range and is a highly sought after expression.

So what are we drinking? The nose offers up maple, vanilla, roasted nuts and a trace of stone fruit. The high-corn percentage of the blend makes Angel’s Envy on the slightly sweeter side of bourbons, with tasting notes of vanilla bean, maple soaked raisins, jam on toast and lightly salted peanut shell. The finish is clean, offering a subtle and complementary splash of madeira upon exit. This is very much a versatile whiskey that can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or in a delicious and well-balanced cocktail, such as Louisville’s famous Kentucky Derby Mint Julep or, of course, a delectable winter Old Fashioned. Cheers!

angel's envy bourbon

Accolades? Take your pick! The Port Cask Finish was awarded a Gold Medal from the highly regarded San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The liquid also received a 93 point score from Whisky Advocate and 98 points from Wine Enthusiast! If that is not enough for you, Angel’s Envy also received a five-star rating and “highest recommendation” from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal. In short; the whiskey aficionados love it and so will you. This really is a spirit sent straight down from heaven (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves)!

Angel’s Envy is now widely available across Canada, and in Ontario LCBO locations for $79.95. Price may vary per retailer across other provinces.