9 Hard Seltzers for a Sizzling Summer

Spiked seltzers have bubbled to the top of the shelf at liquor stores and in mini fridges. Lighter than beer or wine, they’re easy on the tongue, and serve a dual purpose of hydrating and party-stimulating; what’s better than that? The now-ubiquitous beverage has ridden White Claw’s tidal wave into a vast range of brand lineups, from Coors to Cuervo. In the spirit of summer, we’ve put together a list of some seriously tasty seltzers, guaranteed to please the crowd at any cottage cookout. Whether you’re a fan of tequila with lime, a simple vodka water sipper, or a classic Bud Light guy, our roundup has you covered.

Cottage Springs Weekender Mix Pack

Cottage Springs Hard Seltzer Pack
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Kicking off our roundup is the Canadian-crafted Cottage Springs. Crisp summer flavours include Watermelon, Lemon-Lime, Wild Cherry, and Ontario Peach. As the name suggests, these slim white cans make a perfect guest at cottage gatherings – sweet flavours bubble with the freshness of spring water. Though the brand makes four-packs, we’d suggest stocking up with the eight-can variety version; when you’re having company, these drinks practically disappear. ($22/eight pack, price varies by province).

Georgian Bay Tequila Smash

Georgian Bay Tequila Smash Pack
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Perhaps it’s an unconventional choice — for many, tequila smashes aren’t the first spiked seltzer to come to mind. In recent seasons, though, tequila sodas have exploded in popularity; their tropical flair pairs well with long summer days. Georgian Bay’s mixed pack puts vacation in a can, with exotic flavours ranging from classic mango to prickly pear. As longstanding fans of the brand’s Gin Smash (an LCBO staple, especially in cottage country), we can confirm that these live up to the legacy built by its siblings. ($29/twelve pack, price varies by province).

Great Lakes Spirits Vodka Soda With Citrus

Great Lakes Hard Seltzer
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Great Lakes Brewing, an Etobicoke-based craft brewery, recently entered the seltzer circle as Great Lakes Spirits. Despite the new venture, Great Lakes hasn’t forgotten their commitment to local sources. Crafted in Ontario, their zero-sugar vodka soda infuses weekend lunches and late-summer evenings with lemon-tinged flavour. ($3/can, price varies by province).

Lone River Ranch Water

Lone River Ranch Water Pack Hard Seltzer
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How do you end the feud between Clint Eastwood and John Wayne without a desert standoff? Crack open a can of Lone River’s Ranch Water and find some common ground. Sweetened with agave nectar and infused with a punch of lime, these hard seltzers can’t help but evoke the Wild West. Their popularity is equally wild — served in chilled cans or poured over ice, Ranch Water makes a sweet complement to summer snacks like shrimp tacos and sliced watermelon. ($12/four pack, price varies by province).

High Noon Pool Pack

High Noon Hard Seltzer Pool Pack
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When packing for a pool day, simple reigns supreme. The contents of High Noon’s Pool Pack are refreshingly so: a splash of juice and vodka join sparkling water for a light-but-lively beverage that won’t slow your swim. With grapefruit, pineapple, peach, and watermelon favours, the variety pack has a match for everyone under the cabana. ($23/eight pack, price varies by province).

Muskoka Spirits Hard Sparkling Water Mix Pack

Muskoka Spirits Hard Seltzer Pack
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Muskoka, Ontario is the famous home of Canada’s finest lakeside cabins; it’s only logical that Muskoka Spirits would do their namesake justice. Offering top-notch hard seltzers with tasteful combinations, the Hard Sparkling Water Mixer Pack combines fresh fruits like pineapple and raspberry in bright cans with designs fit for the cottage. ($30/twelve pack, price varies by province).

Nova Scotia Spirits Blue Lobster

Nova Scotia Spirits Blue Lobster Hard Seltzer
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In the wild, a blue-shelled lobster is a rare sight. In the fridge of an East Coaster, however, they’re easily found. Nova Scotia Spirits pours a liberal helping of citrus juice atop sparkling water and smooth vodka in this tangy Maritime favourite. Recently, they’ve even migrated to the LCBO as tall singles. ($3/single can, price varies by province).

Coors Seltzer Splash Pack

Coors Hard Seltzer Pack
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While Coors is known for its vast range of beer brews, they’ve hopped on the hard seltzer trend with ease. Coors’ Seltzer Splash Pack is more than a refreshment, however. Through a partnership with Change the Course, each 12-pack restores 1,000 litres of Canadian water. Projects range from wetland restoration in Quebec to acid rain mitigation in Nova Scotia. ($29/twelve pack, price varies by province).

Corona Tropical Mixer Pack

Corona Tropical Spiked Seltzer Pack
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Served with a wedge of lime, Corona is synonymous with warm-weather festivities. With the Tropical Mixer pack, the beer brand innovates on its citrusy staple beer, letting the fruity flavour take centre stage in these sparking spiked sodas. Beer lovers don’t need to fret, though; surprising combos like lime and cactus retain a full-bodied finish. ($34/twelve pack, price varies by province).

Images courtesy of LCBO.