To the Streets: Fashion MVP Le TIGRE Launches Footwear Line

Combining athletic cuts and fluorescent fashion, Le TIGRE stands out from the pack as a line that’s comfortable on the court and in the club. The brand came of age during the late seventies, emerging as a prominent player in sporting circles. A mere decade later, Le TIGRE racked up celebrity endorsements including the likes of Wilt Chamberlain. Since then, the brand has bloomed in dazzling, retro shades of neon; its recent collections at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters made waves, leading the throwback-futurist trends of the early 2020s. Now, a brand new Le TIGRE footwear collection honours their sports/streetwear heritage — the flashy-yet-classic shoes squeak in praise of their Big Apple roots.

The Le TIGRE footwear collection linked up with Designer Shoe Warehouse to forge a partnership that elevates fashionable designs and footwear expertise through a combination of top-notch talent. “The process of envisioning, defining, and bringing the essence of Le TIGRE to life in footwear has been an exciting journey,” said Bill Jordan, Designer Brands President.

Distinct styles, aptly named after New York icons like ‘the Bowery,’ stand out on the shelves. Markers of brand heritage adorn the shoes — on one pair, an orange ’77’ is vibrant, embossed on the side to add fresh style and shout out the brand’s 1977 birth year. The looks are characteristic of Le TIGRE, emanating an athletic nostalgia that’s styled for streetwear. Jordan added that the brand is “focused on creating style and value for our customers,” a point that evidenced by quality craftsmanship.

Le TIGRE’s star-studded resume — prominent fans include Book for Men alum Common — is the result of nearly five decades’ work. Don’t let their veteran status fool you, though: they aren’t resting on their laurels. The well-seasoned designers view the latest launch as a historic highlight. “This is an opportunity to truly disrupt the footwear marketplace, delivering great design and creating something truly special,” Jordan said.

Shop the collection, exclusively available at Designer Shoe Warehouse.


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