Ferragamo Spicy Leather Should Be Your New Fall Fragrance

Defined by bright citrus, piquant pepper, and earthy notes of sandalwood, Ferragamo Spicy Leather is the latest marquee fragrance from the storied Italian fashion house. And, like every product that bears the Ferragamo name, it is imbued with a sense of European sophistication and understated elegance: intended to be worn by men of courage, curiosity, and vision. Men much like Salvatore Ferragamo himself, because the story of how he created one of the world’s foremost fashion brands is the kind that would make anyone believe in the power of determination.

Born to a large family outside Naples, the designer grew up with few privileges and an abundance of ideas. When his sister needed a pair of white shoes for her first communion, Ferragamo — then aged nine — made her a pair from scratch. This marked the beginning of an incredible journey that would culminate in Ferragamo becoming one of the most successful fashion designers of the 20th century. From humble origins, he followed his dreams to Hollywood, where he became known as a shoemaker to the stars. By the 1930s, with his creations sought after by the world’s biggest celebrities, Ferragamo returned to Italy, setting up shop in the Palazzo Spini Feroni, a gothic palace in the centre of Florence.

Ferragamo Spicy Leather bottle on desert background

The House of Ferragamo today offers a wide array of designs, each a direct interpretation of the founder’s singular vision. Many pieces are also united by the “gancini,” an equestrian hook found on the Palazzo’s gates, which has been reinterpreted on belts, shoes, textiles, and countless other stylish creations in the Ferragamo stable. This new fragrance, Ferragamo Spicy Leather, marks the latest chapter in a story that includes the brand’s Bright Leather and Intense Leather scents — musky offerings that exude nuanced citrus notes, herbs and spices ranging from rosemary and basil to pink peppercorn, and woody aromas of cedar and guaiac. And like its forebears, Ferragamo Spicy Leather is a sophisticated and surprising complement to modern masculinity, with a sensual presence designed to appeal to the brand’s international audience.

Created in collaboration with master perfumer Antoine Maisondieu, Ferragamo Spicy Leather invokes the richness of leather – the textile at the centre of the Ferragamo universe. With its captivating woody notes and an energetic lightness designed to stimulate the senses, it’s a fragrance perfect for both fall and winter.

The journey begins with a hint of saffron, prized for its delicate hay-like aroma. It’s a scent that proves a perfect companion to the citrusy freshness of lemon and bergamot, a tangy type of orange native to Southern Italy. A hit of black pepper follows, blended together with spicy notes of nutmeg, cedar, and clary sage that give Ferragamo Spicy Leather its complex, savoury heart. Finally, the fragrance eases into the mellow sensuality of patchouli and sandalwood — notes that link the blend to other fragrances in the Ferragamo Leather family.

The bottle’s intense brown detailing complements the amber hue of the fragrance, and its slender silhouette references the towering urban landscapes to which ambitious men like Ferragamo are drawn. It is punctuated by a vertical, leather-like band on which the designer’s name is spelled out in gilt letters. And the finishing touch? A signature “gancini” buckle, bringing this creation back to its roots at the Palazzo Spini Feroni in Florence and the man whose indefatigable vision brought the House of Ferragamo to life.

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