Do Laundry in Style With LG STUDIO


We often neglect our laundry rooms, treating them as basic, utilitarian spaces. They’re brushed over, scrubbed out, and unfairly overlooked. But, thanks to the LG STUDIO lineup of home appliances, we can whip these rooms back into shape and upgrade them into cutting-edge areas, charged with charm and refinement. Bringing together both advanced technology and contemporary design, the innovative electronics brand has quietly revolutionized our once humdrum laundry routines — washing out the mundane and transforming these everyday tasks into something quite delightful.

The LG STUDIO WashTower™ stands tall as the cornerstone of this unique collection — a remarkable manifestation of engineering and artistry. It combines both washer and dryer in one sleek, space-saving vertical design, with a Centre Control™ masterfully and ergonomically blending clean lines with some serious clothes-washing credentials.

LG STUDIO washtower in a laundry room

Beneath its elegant exterior, the LG STUDIO WashTower™ has ultra-large capacity — 5.8 cu. ft. in the washer and 7.4 cu. ft. in the dryer — to fit plenty of towels or jeans, or a king-size comforter, in a single load. It also houses innovative wash and dry cycles that promise to streamline our daily chores like never before. For example, it is equipped with TurboWash™ 360, which offers the industry’s fastest cycle times – saving you up to 30 minutes per load*. The powerful high-pressure twin nozzles give outstanding cleaning performance without any shortcuts. It’s like pressing fast forward on your laundry.

There’s also the LG STUDIO Styler® | Steam Closet, an appliance that taps into the crease-conquering power of steam to revitalize tired or time-worn clothes. A visionary appliance, it eliminates wrinkles without the need for a full wash — and also tackles unwelcome odours and allergens. And its compact, elegant design promises to sit nicely next to the LG STUDIO WashTower™, exuding sophistication and instantly enhancing the look of any laundry room.

close up of LG STUDIO Washtower buttons

Open up that handy mirrored door and the Styler®’s bright white interior delivers both practicality and convenience thanks to a range of steam cycles, each one carefully customized to a specific fabric or textile type. Whether you’re looking to refresh delicate wool fabrics or breathe fresh life into heavy winter coats, the Styler® will ensure hard-to-wash outfits and household items receive the royal steam treatment, with capacity for up to five items of clothing in every rejuvenating cycle.

It’s refreshing to see appliances designed with the same detail and aesthetics as the clothes they’re built to care for, with tempered glass, stainless steel, and chrome accents. And it’s this attention to detail, a true fusing of form and function, that sets LG STUDIO appliances apart — and takes your laundry room to the next level.

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*Based on independent testing comparing models WM3900HBA and WM4370HWA in normal cycle with TurboWash™360° option, 10 lb. load vs. TurboWash® 2.0 option, 8 lb. load (Feb. 2019).