With BTS’ Jimin & Kim Jones, Dior Men’s Goes Beyond the Dress Code

In a post-daylight-savings world, the playful spring sunshine feels like a distant memory. Luckily, Dior is here to remind us of the free-spirited season that lies just around the corner. Shot by photographer Alasdair Mclellan, the Dior Men’s Spring 2024 collection is accompanied by a video that embodies the organic suave of the clothing. With the help of House ambassador Jimin, Dior’s latest goes beyond the confines of menswear, expanding the scope of feminine and masculine dress codes to include styles so natural, they make a statement. Comfort and functionality, for Dior, aren’t design limitations, but opportunities.

Jimin of BTS for Dior Men’s Spring 2024

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Jimin of BTS for Dior Men’s Spring 2024

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Jimin of BTS for Dior Men’s Spring 2024

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There’s endless potential in Dior’s collection of casual-wear — the looks above are certainly at home on an outdoor excursion, but it’s easy to picture them at the office, too. With colourful vests, Dior leans into an academia-inspired dressier look. At the same time, the Spring looks incorporate edgier locales with streetwear-esque pins and brooches. It’s a testament to the growing potential of menswear: as the market for premium fashion expands, designers like Dior’s Kim Jones introduce myriad shades of grey. Now, there’s room for a fashionable ambiguity (as opposed to last century’s black-and-white dichotomy between casual and formal).

In the 21st century, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for dressing — this season, Dior certainly embraces that. For instance, the Spring 2024 collection delves into cardigans, denim, and bomber jackets alike. Tastefully-curated neutrals and faded denim washes weave a common thread through the collection, bringing a sense of cohesion to the diverse styles. In the season of flurries and frostbites, the earthy tones are a nice reprieve.

Jimin of BTS for Dior Men’s Spring 2024

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Jimin of BTS for Dior Men’s Spring 2024

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That’s not to say Kim Jones ignores the cold, however. There’s plenty of outerwear options for the cooler months. Highlights include the Cannage Hooded Down Jacket, a patterned and cozy take on a Canadian classic. Chain-link rings and bracelets are shiny examples of a gritty glamour exclusive to the city streets. Meanwhile, Dior Oblique bags and totes are satisfy the brand loyalists in a fresh, yet unmistakably Dior fashion.

If there’s one thing to take away from Dior Men’s Spring 2024, it’s that fashion is more adaptable and fluid than ever. There’s no need for inhibitions or strict by-the-book dress codes. The clothes themselves are self-aware and playful, unafraid to think outside the confines of conventions. With the explosion of micro-trends, fashion has gone from “follow the pack” to “customize your character.” So, if you come across more daring looks on the racks this spring, just remember: there’s only one person you need to dress for.

All photos © Alasdair Mclellan, Courtesy of Dior Men.