For Opulent Encounters: Scandal Pour Homme Absolu by Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier’s legendary Maison has always done things differently — and his olfactory range is yet another expression of his enfant terrible roots. Evoking the feeling of an unforgettable Parisian night out, Jean Paul Gaultier’s new Scandal Pour Homme Absolu is a fragrant invitation to awaken and indulge your senses.

Created by renowned master perfumers Natalie Cetto, Quentin Bisch, and Christophe Raynaud, the intense, gourmand scent features rich, intoxicating notes of mirabelle plum, sandalwood, and chestnut. It’s a regal and refined scent, perfectly tailored to the type of occasions that demand a touch of glamour.

Formulated for free spirits, men about town, and those looking to make a lasting impression, Scandal Pour Homme Absolu is encapsulated in a masculine flask adorned with a lacquered gold crown, and sits in a case carved from red velvet, which captures the fragrance’s daring disposition.

Scandal Pour Homme Absolu by Jean Paul Gaultier

“Is it the very essence of scandal?” asks Jean-Paul Gaultier, only to quickly declare: “We want more!” It’s a brave, confident declaration from the perfumer, to be sure. Still, if any bottle deserves the fanfare, it’s this one.