55 Years Header Image V2 update

Across the automotive spectrum, few brands are as obsessed with driving performance, speed, and power as the mighty Mercedes-AMG. They are not solely built to beat lap records, nor is their focus narrowed only on creature comforts — these are vehicles thoughtfully designed to stir the senses and craft emotional connection.

As Mercedes-AMG celebrates its 55th anniversary, it was only fitting to take a proper deep-dive into the legendary marque’s past, present, and future. With innovative electrification solutions it’s a brave new world for the brand; a new adventure that has opened up previously unseen opportunity. Between the new all-electric EQ range, the hybrid-assisted AMG models, and the forward-thinking superstar AMG ONE, the future of AMG is an exciting one.

To properly capture the moment, SHARP travelled to Germany taking the opportunity to capture the Mercedes-AMG world for your viewing pleasure. Scroll on for our three-part video series, as well as our ongoing editorial coverage of all things AMG.