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The Best Digital Fitness Trackers


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The Best Digital Fitness Trackers

By: Sharp Staff|August 25, 2014



Atlas Fitness Tracker

This is by far the closest a device has yet come to replacing a human personal workout coach. Not only does it measure your calories burned and heart rate, but thanks to inertial sensors, it can decipher what exercise you’re performing and how well you’re executing it. Its delicate algorithm will recognize over 100 exercises from pushups and sit-ups to rope climbs and tire flips, and then allow you to measure your reps, the quality of your form and your explosiveness. Then it’s all crunched down into helpful feedback: the app will notice that you’ve worked your biceps too much, or advise you when to shift focus to your lower body.


Basis B1 Band

The Basis B1 quickly makes up for its clunky exterior with impressive functionality. It goes beyond your average pedometer, offering the option to recognize in real time when you’re walking, running or biking, and then offer feedback on your calorie burn, heart rate and perspiration levels for each activity. The Basis can also automatically measure the quality of your sleep, by recording your time in REM and deep sleep. For extra incentive, the accompanying app features the “healthy habits” system, which gamifies your health habits, giving you points when you’re good, and letting you ‘unlock’ new habits when you’re ready.


Babolat Play Pure Drive

Sick of the conventional sports getting all the gadget glory (even kayaking has its own device!), Babolat decided to create one for tennis players. The sensor-packed racket collects data on a player’s game and transmits it to a smartphone or tablet running a proprietary app for analysis. Sensors in the handle collect data on spin level, energy, play time and ball-impact location. Just remember not to pull a John McEnroe if you deliver a bad serve.

Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone Up24’s app is even more impressive than its aesthetics. Aside from covering the typical information (recording your exercise sessions and calories burned based on the number of steps taken and kilometers traveled, then wirelessly synching all that information to the app), it also makes a valid attempt to keep you hooked with its motivational tactics. Idle alert reminders will buzz your wrist if you’re slacking for too long.


Swimovate PoolMate HR

If you think it’s tough keeping track of your laps and heart rate when running, imagine what it’s like underwater. With the PoolMate HR just set your watch and swim, everything else is taken care of. In addition to keeping track of laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length and strokes per minute, you can also monitor your heart rate while in the water. The watch can also be set to vibrate after you’ve swam for a specific number of laps, distance or time. Everything you’ve tracked underwater is then uploaded to your computer or device so you can track your history and progress as well as a multitude of other data. From now on you can just get in the water and zone out…but not too far out, the watch can probably track your effort, too.


Withings VS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Get accurate readings of your weight, body fat and heart rate from this sleek design that just looks like a simple scale. Upload your results on your smartphone and program any health or weight goals you may have; the analyzer will provide tips and reminders to help maintain focus on your goal. The device also monitors the indoor air quality of your home and measures temperature and carbon dioxide to let you know when fresh air needs to be cycled in.


FitBit Flex

FitBit Flex has the sort of ‘everything-in-one’ features that most fitness fanatics want and need. During the day, it tracks steps, distance and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Just you, not your partner. Set yourself a few personal goals and at the end of each day see how you actually stacked against those goals.


The Shoe to Keep Up: Nike Free 5.0

While a pair of brightly hued trainers might be the height of casual summer footwear style, it seems worth pointing out that they were actually designed for, you know, training. Look for a shoe with a minimal heel-to-toe drop – that’s the different between the height of a shoe’s midsole and forefoot – that will help you run with the right part of your foot to maximize performance and minimize injuries. These Nike Free 5.0s are among the best. Bonus: they look good, too.


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