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The Craftsmen Series

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Food & Drink

The Craftsmen Series

By: Sharp Staff|October 25, 2014



Who: Andre Jr. Ayotte & Mackenzie Duncan

Craft: Carpenters

Company: JM and Sons

Location: Roncesvalles, Toronto, Canada

Andre Jr. Ayotte and Mackenzie Duncan are true 21st century lumberjacks, creating rugged furniture that speaks to their heritage. Longtime friends who conceived their furniture company while trekking together through the Icelandic wilderness, they celebrate the best materials Canada has to offer in their work. Hewn from reclaimed wood and mounted to minimalist steel frames, their furniture presents the ruggedness of the Canadian wilderness alongside a decidedly refined, urban aesthetic.


Who: Peter Feeney

Craft: Shoemaker

Company: Peter Feeney

Location: The Garden District, Toronto, Canada

Without the right pair of shoes no man will ever look his best. Peter Feeney certainly knows this, as well as the fact that a bespoke pair of shoes is something that a man will treasure for life. In 2006, Feeney decided to step out of his old profession of film production and into the world of bespoke footwear. He learned the craft in Italy, the country that honed the art of bespoke shoemaking, and brought it back to Toronto. His workshop is now home to some of the finest footwear in Canada.

Who: Michael Nguyen

Craft: Tailor

Company: Garrison Bespoke

Location: The Financial District, Toronto, Canada

On the team of Canadian men’s fashion, Michael Nguyen is starting point guard. He’s been creating bespoke suits from his shop, Garrison Bespoke, in downtown Toronto for close to a decade. A second-generation tailor, Nguyen has made a name for himself by his attention to detail, personalized service and unbridled enthusiasm for his work. As a result, his client list includes leaders in Canadian business, sports and entertainment, (Drake is a fan, as are the Maple Leafs). This year Nguyen opened a bespoke groomsmen’s boutique – the first of its kind in North America.

The Balvenie 5 Rare Crafts

Quality does not happen by chance. It comes as a result of time, knowledge and tradition. The Balvenie was built upon these principles. By adhering to the 5 Rare Crafts – growing and malting their own barley, and employing their own coppersmiths, coopers and malt master – The Balvenie ensures every bottle of single-malt Scotch that leaves their Speyside distillery is of the utmost quality.

It’s fitting then that The Balvenie’s current malt master is one of the world’s most experienced practitioners of his craft. David Stewart is celebrating 52 years of service to the world-renowned artisanal brand and holds the industry record for service. When it comes to crafting single-malt Scotch, there are no hands more capable than his.

To discover more about the world’s most handcrafted Scotch, please visit

Who: Teo Paul & Chasen Gillies

Craft: Butchers

Company: Cote de Boeuf

Location: Trinity-Bellwoods, Toronto, Canada

Teo Paul and Chasen Gillies are Toronto’s foremost meat men. Having grown their reputation as restaurateurs with the much–loved Union, Paul and Gillies decided to get even closer to the source by opening a Parisian-style butcher shop, Cote de Boeuf. There is an old-world feeling to the shop, the result of the duo’s emphasis on turning locally sourced, naturally raised meats into delicious meals for their customers by hand. Quality and authenticity come before everything else.


Unconcerned with fleeting trends or disposable fads, these men have dedicated themselves to creating products with quality, timelessness and tradition foremost in mind. This is the mark of a true craftsman.

The Balvenie & Sharp Magazine

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