Y-3 Designed Spacesuits for Virgin Galactic, and They’re Incredibly Dope

As if the sheer act of dropping $250,000 for a ride on the world’s first commercial spaceline wasn’t enough, Virgin Galactic has gone the extra mile to ensure that all its passengers will look outrageously cool while rocketing to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. The Richard Branson-led outfit teamed up with Y-3 — the minimalistic streetwear collaboration between adidas and Japanese design genius Yohji Yamamoto — to create the coolest damn space uniforms this side of TNG.


The flight suits, which’ll be worn by both the pilots and passengers alike, are made from flame-retardant materials and were inspired by the garb worn by NASCAR drivers, which are specifically designed to perform well during long periods of sitting. More importantly, though, they look like something Batman would wear while scaling a skyscraper. Badass.


But the raddest thing about the uniforms might be the footwear. Inspired by the military boots adidas makes for GSG-9, the German special operations unit, they’re sleek and functional and honestly would look great with what the person writing this article is wearing right now.

To hear more about the spacesuits directly from the designers themselves, check out the short video below.