9 Photos That Prove Jackson Hole, Wyoming is America’s Best-Kept Secret

At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, a few miles south of Grand Teton National Park, sits one of America’s best-kept secrets: Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


A town of just 10,000, Jackson Hole’s remote location and high elevation (2,100 m above sea level) have mostly kept it off the global radar.

Amangani - Ski

Amid the optical overload of pristine western scenery, Amangani Resort provides all of the comfort your other senses could desire.

Amangani - Lounge

World-class skiing in the nearby Grand Teton mountains remains the biggest draw in the winter months, while the hills abound with elk, deer and waterfowl in autumn.

Amangani - Horseback Riding

A full-service spa is on-site, as is a restaurant specializing in excellent local game and fish, but the real highlight of any winter stay at Amangani is their outdoor pool, heated to a balmy 27 degrees Celsius all season long.

Amangani - Tetons & Prairies

Amangani - Terrace

Images: Aman