This St. Lucia Resort Will Test Your DNA, Map Your Heart and Send You Home Healthier

It’s been a long winter. Not terribly hard, we’ll admit (this week’s snow/ice/rain/misery storm notwithstanding). But long all the same — by the last week of February, we’re ready for a bit of a break.

And not just any break. After months of cloying stews and dark beer, lazy takeout meals and far too little time at the gym, the thought of a traditional, gut-busting all-inclusive makes us shudder. Instead, we’re after a warm-weather resort that’s luxurious and relaxing — but that will also kick us back into shape while we’re there. Which is why we went to St. Lucia.


Tucked between two hills in a west-facing inlet on the small Caribbean island is a resort where the rooms don’t have TVs, the gym actually gets used and the sparkling wine they hand you upon arrival is alcohol free. LeSport’s Bodyholiday resort is one of a growing number of luxury destinations tailoring vacation experiences to those seeking optimal health. Guests here aren’t looking for an excuse to binge, rather a place to relax and reinvigorate — maybe pick up a couple new healthy habits, recipes, or fitness tips.


The BodyScience program is part of a $20-million renovation at the resort — making it one of the most comprehensive and luxurious on the island. Now, you can take a vacation while getting an almost preposterously in-depth look into your current state of being. It all starts with a DNA test gathered before departure and analyzed at the resort’s partner lab in Denmark. On arrival, that information is combined with some other tests — including sci-fi 3-D heart mapping — to help prescribe the best possible course of action: usually a mix of eastern practices, including irurvetic medicine (the study of the body through the eye), medical consultations and personalized fitness and diet plans.


Of course, the resort has everything else you’d want to get out of a tropical getaway: a private beach with a world-class sunset; a plethora of activities ranging from tennis lessons to a mini triathlon; fresh, locally inspired cuisine; and one of the best destination spas in the Caribbean.

And though you will be greeted with a non-alcoholic glass of sparkling wine, it’s worth noting that the bar is still fully stocked. We suggest the local rum. You’re on vacation, after all.