Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Kimmel Made a ‘Creed’ Sequel We Wish Was Actually Real

Leo took home the major hardware and Chris Rock absolutely killed it as host, but Tracy Morgan was the low-key champion of Oscars Night 2016. First, during the ceremony, he tackled Eddie Redmayne’s role in The Danish Girl in a hysterical sketch about black actors cast in predominantly white movies. Then he showed up on the post-awards edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! to deliver this incredible Creed spoof:

Playing the son of Clubber Lang (a.k.a. that time Mr. T played himself in Rocky III), Morgan gets into a shouting match with JK Simmons about eating sandwiches at the gym, cracks a Cadbury Creme Egg into his break-of-dawn protein shake, and then faces off in the ring against Clubber Sr. —  played to perfection by none other than Iron Mike himself. If the actual Creed sequel is even half as entertaining as this was, it might finally nab that Oscar the first instalment so richly deserved.