Swing Like a Pro: The New Gear You Need to Get Your Inner Rory McIlRoy On

Golf is hard. It’s physically straining, mentally challenging, and often emotionally taxing. Plus, it’s pretty easy to look like an idiot doing it. A good driver and a well-fitting polo can go a long way to making you look the part — which, no matter what anyone says, is half the battle. That’s why we rounded up the best new gear for 2016. Remember: Jordan Spieth didn’t get where he is without all the right swag.


Adidas TOUR360 Boost Shoes


Comfortable footwear is an absolute necessity when walking a golf course. This shoe from Adidas has midfoot support for enhanced arch traction and all-around flexibility and structure. The S-curve of the heel helps stabilize your foot for more control during each swing. $250

Nike MM Blade Polo


It’s time to ditch the plaid. Instead, go out on the links in something more modern. Nike’s newest polos have been designed with a clean collar and aggressively tailored silhouette. The sleeves are shorter, the fit is tapered and the Dri-FIT technology will keep you cool and dry no matter how many mulligans you take. $90

Bionic PerformanceGrip Glove


Designed by an orthopaedic hand surgeon, the Bionic glove was made with flexibility, comfort, and moisture control in mind. Inside each glove are 15 mini terrycloth towels to absorb all that pesky palm sweat. Your natural hand movement won’t be constricted, but your grip will be elevated. Bionic sound effects not included (but highly encouraged). $30


TruGolf Simulator Home Fixture


Screw rain cheques. TruGolf’s simulator is the most authentic golf experience you can get without actually stepping on the greens. Thanks to the realistic graphics of over 85 world-renowned golf courses and the 36 modes of play, you’ll constantly be upping your game, even during a downpour. $69,950

Arccos Golf Sensors


These weightless sensors attach to the top of each club grip and track every single shot you take. An app takes in all your stats and analyzes them to unlock your golf “DNA.” You’ll be able to evaluate your game and identify patterns and weaknesses before, during, and after each round. It’s the best caddy money can buy. $400

Golf Buddy Voice 2


Consider this a FitBit for your golf game. And a talking one at that. The Voice 2 is a stylish, water-resistant device that contains the information of about 40,000 golf courses from around the world. Once it syncs up to a satellite, it will provide everything from the number of holes at your course to the distance between each one to the number of steps you’ve taken over the course of the day. $250


ArGolf Putters Le Graal


The founder of ArGolf is also an executive at an air-craft-manufacturing firm, which, if you know anything about how they make airplanes, bodes well for the quality of these clubs. These La Graal putters are made from nearly indestructible titanium and are as top-of-the-line as you can get. $1,500

Titleist Pro VI & VIx Balls


Most of a golfer’s time and energy are spent picking out the perfect clubs and shoes, but trust us, balls are just as important. Made from a reformulated thermoset urethane elastomer (uh, that’s rubber), these balls deliver more spin and control than you’ve ever experienced. $62 per dozen

Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver


At a time when most companies are rolling out clubs with less and less resin, Nike has released a driver with lots of it. A full 60 per cent of their Flex 440 driver is resin, which means it’s an entirely different shape — and half as dense — as other drivers. Be prepared for a whole new kind of launch in your swing. $500

PXG 0311 Irons


It seems weird to refer to a club as “sexy,” but you can’t blame PXG for trying. Their 0311 irons in a sleek, all-black finish are made with an ultra-thin face, which results in faster ball speeds — which all looks pretty sexy. $400

Odyssey Toe Up Putters


Do you worry about twisting while you putt? You probably should. Named for the balance of the putter head, these clubs from Odyssey have more weight closer to the face than most other putters. You’re rewarded with a smoother, more consistent, less-twisting roll. $200

Sun Mountain Leather Stand Bag


This leather golf bag calls back to Cary Middlecoff and the 1950s, successfully marrying old and new: the supple leather contrasts with the carbon-fibre legs, and multiple pockets (including a velour-lined one for valuables) ensure that you’re not skipping performance for presentation. $600