This Natural Leather Eames Chair Will Age as Gracefully as Sean Connery

Do not for a second underestimate the importance of choosing the ideal lounge chair.

Remember, it’s where you’ll be spending a great many hours: watching the game, getting lost in a book, enjoying your preferred beverage, avoiding annoying phone calls (and possibly family members), pondering, musing, taking a respite from the world outside. You want one that feels like home and knows your shape and form as well as a broken-in baseball mitt.


It’s with that spirit in mind that Herman Miller’s collaboration with NYC clothing label 3sixteen was born. The extremely limited set — there are only three available — sees the iconic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman adorned in a natural vegetable-tanned leather that darkens and deepens over time. As your means and tastes evolve, so should your throne.

Price Upon Request

Photography: Peter Ash Lee