5 Travel-Ready Watches for the Man on the Move

GMT watches, which conveniently keep track of time in different time zones simultaneously, had their genesis at the beginning of the jet age, back in the 1950s, when pilots and passengers could suddenly leap oceans (and time zones) in a single flight. But, as handy as that feature is, these complications haven’t been relevant since people started carrying the Internet around in their pocket. You want to know what time it is in Moscow? Ask Siri.

But as anyone who cares about watches knows (and yes, you should care about watches), timepieces are statements as much as they are tools.They reflect the personality and character of the wearer. Which is why GMT watches are still important. They tell you the time, but tell everyone else that you’re ready for adventure. You travel the world, and can leave town as soon as Siri buys your ticket.

What do these new GMT watches say about you? Not only all of the above, but also: you do it with unimpeachable, global style.


Geophysic Universal Time ($17,800) by Jaegar LeCoultre, at Raffi Jewellers


Escape Time Zone ($8,550) by Louis Vuitton


Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum ($5,500) by Montblanc


Big Crown Pro Pilot GMT ($2,900) by Oris


Doublematic World Timer ($16,400) by Zenith, at Bandiera Jewellers
Photography: Adrian Armstrong
Styling: Joanne Jin