Stepher Harper Resigned His Seat in Parliament Today: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Stephen Harper says ‘Goodbye’

“It’s been months since Stephen Harper packed up his Parliament Hill office, but on Friday he finally turned out the lights, resigning his seat as a Calgary MP and ending nearly two often-tumultuous decades in public office.

“Harper, 57, made the decision in the final weeks of last fall’s lengthy election campaign, that should the Conservatives lose power while he retained his seat in the House of Commons, he’d stay on as an MP — at least for a while.”

+1: The National Post’s Kelly McParland on Harper, Trudeau, and the key similarities between these very different prime ministers.

2. The Syrian war only seems to get worse – Here’s why

“There is a basic fact about Syria’s civil war that never seems to change: it frustrates any attempt at resolution. Despite many offensives, peace conferences and foreign interventions, including this week’s Turkish incursion into a border town, the only needle that ever seems to move is the one measuring the suffering of Syrians — which only worsens.”

3. Donald Trump’s campaign CEO is illegally registered to vote in Florida

“Donald Trump’s new presidential campaign chief is registered to vote in a key swing state at an empty house where he does not live, in an apparent breach of election laws. Stephen Bannon, the chief executive of Trump’s election campaign, has an active voter registration at the house in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which is vacant and due to be demolished to make way for a new development.”

+1: Glenn Beck explain’s how TrumpTV would happen.

4. The rise of video is making 2016 a weird year to be a digital publisher

“At the root of these changes is a change in how digital publishers and advertisers do business. Selling display ads — banner ads and other advertisements you see alongside articles on websites in your browser — is no longer really lucrative enough to support a business. At the same time, sponsored ads — article-like pieces of content that are created at the behest, and with the input of, brands — haven’t been able to replace them. So what’s next? Video ads. And to sell video ads, you need video.”

5. Why are skyscrapers so, uhm, twisty all the sudden?

“So-called ‘twisting towers’ have popped up worldwide. A new study examines why — and where they’ll go from here.”