This Costa Rican Home Makes Treehouse Living a Reality

There’s something to be said about about the childhood dream of forever residing in a treehouse. It was probably the freedom of a home outside your parents’ rules, but we’d like to think it had something to do with being closer to nature while still enjoying the comforts of residential life.


In the middle of a dry, tropical forest in Costa Rica sits the Bartlett Residence, the grown-up alternative to a treehouse. Built by Sarco Architects on 3 acres of land, the home was designed to be elevated off the ground on the slanted columns to protect dwellers from earthquakes.


Expansive 2,700-square-foot balconies run all the way around the home and provide both jungle views as well as gorgeous ocean views. The elevated deck gives the feeling of being right in the trees.


Inside the home, decor is relegated to earth tones and natural materials to compliment the vistas right outside the windows.


Most of the home enjoys an open concept layout with rooms and hallways opening right up to the outside. The Bartlett Residence was designed to allow natural cross-ventilation through the social areas so homeowners could use a little air conditioning as possible.


A swim lane is located underneath the house and goes right into another open living area. Because of this, the pool is equipped with both covered and uncovered areas for maximum enjoyment.



Photography by Estilos y Casas Magazine