Trudeau Blasted in Parliament Over Chinese Billionaires’ Fundraiser: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today:

1. Trudeau fundraiser with Chinese billionaires ‘does not pass the smell test’: Opposition

“The Liberal government’s ‘cash-for-access’ woes deepened Tuesday as the Opposition hammered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over a news report he mingled with Chinese billionaires at an exclusive Liberal Party fundraiser.

“During question period in the Commons, Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose said: ‘Rubbing elbows with millionaires at these cash-for-access events does not pass the smell test, and the prime minister knows it. So why does he keep doing it?'”

Toronto Star

2. Liberals to buy 18 Boeing Super Hornet fighter jets to fill ‘capability gap’

“The Liberal government says it will begin the process of buying 18 Boeing Super Hornet jet fighters to meet what it deems to be the urgent needs of the air force, but was unable to say Tuesday when the aircraft will be purchased and how much they will cost.

“In addition, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan announced the Trudeau government will launch a full-fledged replacement program for the entire existing fleet of CF-18s before the end of the end of its term in three or four years.”

CBC News

+1: New fighter jets will probably cost way more than the Liberals project. – Globe and Mail

3. What’s about to happen To CNN

“For the journalists at CNN—everywhere, really, but especially at CNN—now is an appropriate time to become very afraid.

“All of the U.S. media that is not right wing media has a problem on its hands by the name of Donald Trump. Specifically, the problem is that Trump is obsessed with his own press coverage, thin-skinned, vindictive, and (here is the new part) in charge of the United States government.”


+1: It looks like right-wing publishers are hiring writers off Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. – Motherboard

4. Tila Tequila’s descent into Nazism is a long time coming

The self-proclaimed “alt-reich queen” has a long history of anti-Semitism, and an even longer one of internet trolling.

Tequila caused a small, sad stir over the weekend by posting a picture from the alt-right National Policy Institute conference, in which she and two white companions did a Nazi salute. “Seig heil!” she tweeted, misspelling “sieg.”


5. Don’t give give up on guitar. Fender is begging you

“Each holiday season, thousands of teenagers tear gift wrap off shiny, new guitars. They giddily pluck at the detuned strings, thinking how cool they’ll be once they’re rock stars—even if almost all will give up before they ever get to jam out to “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

“For them, it’s no big deal to relegate the guitar to the back of the closet forever, in favor of the Playstation controller. But it is a big deal for Fender Musical Instruments Corp., the 70-year-old maker of rock ‘n’ roll’s most iconic electric guitars. Every quitter hurts.”