The Cast of ‘Happy Endings’ Just Reunited to Read an All-New Episode

It’s time to rejoice. No, Donald Trump hasn’t renounced his presidency. No, none of your favourite rockstars are coming back from the grave. No, the horrors of the world won’t be stopping anytime soon.

But! A lost episode of Happy Endings has surfaced in the form of a glorious cast table read, and brought back some of the most hilarious characters TV has ever seen. A mere 1,275 days (but who’s counting?) after the show prematurely ended, “Happy to Be Here” reunites Max, Brad, Jane, Alex, Dave and the a-mah-zing Penny. The characters haven’t spoken to one another since we last saw them in the 2013 finale, but they hardly miss a beat in this too-dope reunion. There’s drama, classic one-liners (“I told you guys a long time ago… I’m not as dumb as I am”), breathless quips, and even a surprise guest star.

We won’t take up anymore of your time. Watch the “episode” below and rejoice in your happiness and ours.