The Staircase in This Hong Kong House Is the Flame Emoji Personified

Let’s talk masterpieces for a hot second. There’s Picasso’s “Guernica,” of course. Orson Welles will always and forever have Citizen Kane to pad out his IMDB page. Michael Jordan dropped 38 in the Flu Game. And “Ante Up” by M.O.P. will still be turning the club all the way up when my great-grandkids are of legal drinking age.

Here’s one more thing to add to that hallowed list: the swirling, swooping, show-stopping, shine-unblocking stairwell in this award-winning four-storey home by Hong Kong architects FAK3. Go ahead, give your eyes a treat they probably don’t deserve:

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 1

I mean, right? RIGHT?!? Here’s what it looks like way down at the very bottom, in the basement. Damn. Baby got back.

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 15

And here’s what it looks like somewhere in the middle. My heart. I can’t.

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 4

Sure, this place has killer panoramic views of the South China Sea, like so:

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 3

To say nothing of this eye-popping rooftop garden…

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 2

…or this weird, um, curved ceiling mirror thing?

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 5

But yeah, who honestly cares, because these stairs are FLAMES.

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 14

I am duty-bound to show you this very fine bathroom.

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 6

Also, here’s the kitchen.

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 12

But now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to just close this out with a few gratuitous pics of the stairs alongside the appropriate bangers to blast while staring long and hard at each. You’re welcome.

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 13

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 7

home-week-hong-kong-staircase - 8

Images: FAK3 / v2com