Muslim MP Who Wants to Condemn Islamophobia Has Been Swamped by Hate: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. A Muslim politician who wants to condemn Islamophobia in Canada has been swamped by vile messages

“Iqra Khalid, the MP for Mississauga-Erin Mills, said she’s received over 50,000 emails in response to M-103. That nonbinding motion calls on all Members of Parliament to condemn Islamophobia, collect data to contextualize hate crimes, and establish a committee to determine how best to combat xenophobia and religious discrimination of all stripes.”

Vice News

2. Nick Kouvalis is still working on Kellie Leitch’s campaign

“Conservative MP Kellie Leitch says her former campaign manager Nick Kouvalis is still involved in her bid for the party leadership.

“‘He’s a volunteer on my campaign now, yes he is,” Ms. Leitch said in an interview this week. He stepped down as campaign manager. I think I’ve been pretty clear, with respect to it being for his health. It was a decision made by himself and his family, and I support that.'”

The Globe and Mail

3. The downfall of Kellyanne Conway

“As Kellyanne Conway sleepwalks her way through a series of increasingly embarrassing interviews, it’s been hard not to feel sorry for her.”

New York Times

4. Apple vowed to revolutionize television. Here’s an inside look at why it hasn’t

“The company is testing a new Apple TV capable of streaming ultra-high-definition 4K. It may not be enough to take on Amazon and Roku.”


5. “How I decide who gets banned on OkCupid”

“The best part of being an engineer at OkCupid is that — even though I spend most days hunched over the lifeless glow of C++ code — I sometimes read other people’s private messages. I don’t do this to improve my own online-dating game (not to say I couldn’t use the help). Instead, part of my job is to read messages that have been marked offensive and decide whether their authors should be kicked off the site.”

The Cut